Alabama, US of A, May 14, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A big challenge.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The magnitude of the task to elevate the spiritual status of this world may seem too daunting and abstract to many of you. There are almost 8 billion people that have to be ‘converted’ and taught to think in a higher way, giving priority to love and respect for their peers, and making the golden rule in its highest sense – the only law – treating others as the Father Himself would treat them.

“The masses are currently occupied with their material preservation or the satisfaction of ambitions and false needs that have little to do with reality. Many mortals are being deceived by their political or religious leaders. Many have no access to education. Sometimes education and the search for truth has been forbidden, simply because one group that wants to keeps its power over the rest.

“The problems are big and far reaching. How can you promote a change so big? Should you shout the truth from the tops of the mountains? Should you publish books, pamphlets, web pages? Should you make more documentaries, theater plays, poems? How can you bring the words of our Father to those who need to hear them? How can you convince others to abandon their myopic and materialistic tendencies to search for true and eternal benefits? How can you change the entire population?

“The solution to all these problems lies in the Divine Presence of God that is already within the hearts of all men and women of this world. You don’t have to do anything to bring God to the people because He is already there, working in the most perfect way for each individual. To change the way of living of the population to a higher way, each one of you is responsible for one person only: yourself. If you change, if you become the best you can aspire to be, if you consecrate your life to know and live the will of the Father, your world would have taken one more step in the right direction. This world can only be elevated by the efforts of its inhabitants, all of its inhabitants. Do not wait for better times, do not wait for the light to fill this planet, and do not wait for the truth to reach your ears. Starting today inaugurate the age of light and life in your own life, living as if you were in the presence of the Father, because, in reality, you are.”

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