Oregon, USA, October16, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “No Special Treatment”

Message received by Anyas

“Man’s natural endowment of talent and ability should be chiefly devoted to the development and ennoblement of his higher powers of mind and spirit.” [UB 136:6.10]

Thought Adjuster: “After his baptism, when vested in his divinity status, Jesus was called to make weighty decisions about pursuing his human career to make the most of his days in the flesh. As the creator of your universe, he could have selected to use his superpowers ‘in defiance of his established laws of nature’ to make a strong impression on his entourage.

“He opted against it, as it would be far more inspiring for his followers to witness how he lived a remarkable life in the flesh from birth to death, fully embracing the human condition.

“Like each of you, he was gifted and talented in many areas. He was a skilled craftsman, an outstanding thinker, and an exceptional human being. It is by far more inspiring to witness his human achievements while dealing with adversity. His compassionate heart prompted him to not divert from the human condition even though he could have enjoyed the legitimate special privileges conferred to him by his divinity status.”

“In this decision, Jesus of Nazareth portrayed to an onlooking universe the folly and sin of prostituting divine talents and God-given abilities for personal aggrandizement or for purely selfish gain and glorification. That was the sin of Lucifer…” [UB 136:6.9]

“Your gifts are not merely for your gratification. Everything the Father creates is for the collective enjoyment. There is always a great temptation connected with how you will use your God-given 'talents.' In your world, sadly, many fail to ‘multiply' them by becoming self-centered and falling prey to the misguided adulation of their peers.

“To prevent what was at the onset of Lucifer’s fall from grace, Jesus stood firm in his decision to live within his ‘human means,’ devoting his life in the flesh to demonstrate to humankind how to develop and ennoble their higher powers of mind and spirit.”

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