Illawarra District, Australia, April 6, 2007.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Christ Michael.

Subject: “Lightworkers Of the Mansion Worlds.”

Received by George Barnard.

Machiventa: “This is Machiventa. I am the one generally referred to as Melchizedek of the Old Testament. I am known well by Christians, Muslims and Jews alike. I was often referred to as the Teacher of Salem, the Priest of Salem, and for those ever-growing numbers that subscribe to the messages from the Celestial Friends and Teachers of all 11:11 receivers, it is by the grace of Christ Michael that I have been appointed your Planetary Prince in my own rights.

“My message for today is for all those who are adding themselves to the 11:11 family of Lightworkers, of spiritual progressives, of helpers of all kinds. With the new languages (Spanish and French) that are being forwarded to you from this communications hub, my reminder to you is that it is most important for you to realize that as you align yourself with those who are ‘taking in the news’, the oft repeated messages of love to one’s neighbor, and of the snippets of revelation that come your way that, in time, in another realm, as you are promoted to becoming a pre-spirit being, you will indeed be working together once again.

“Your life on this planet is merely the starting point of the lengthy race that you will run towards Paradise. It is important that during your lifetime here you ‘get ready, set yourself well to go’ for a good start when coming out of the gates.

“I lived the life of a human being on your world for some ninety years among the people of that time, and with the dust, the flies, and the fleas of the cattle all around. It is with my earthly experiences that I understand so clearly the difficulties, and opportunities, that come your way. As always, I try to entice you to make the best of these for your future days, for you to leave your spiritual starting gate at a gallop. I now step aside for Another who wishes to speak.”

Christ Michael: “This is your Father/Brother Michael. Like my dear friend, Machiventa, I too spent time on your world to find out through real life experiences what it is like to be as one of My own creatures.

“The clay worker at his wheel must have the feel of the pot that twists and turns in his hands. The diamond cutter must ‘put his very mind within the gem’ that he is faceting. The Creator of a local universe must live the life of one of his subjects to truly understand what it is like to be human; and truly become one of them.

“And so I did. Indeed, your Planetary Prince has explained very well the time that lies ahead of you, and because so many in this world must battle so hard from morning till night, and into the night, the thought of Heaven and eternal rest does greatly appeal. But I say to you, you as individuals and of ever-growing groups will rightly become the Lightworkers of the Mansion Worlds and beyond. I love you all My dear subjects. I say farewell for now. I am Michael.”

George: “Thank You Both.”

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