Oregon, USA, October17, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “An Inexhaustible Patience”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “How patient should one be? For how long? Doesn’t patience bear some expiration date? Some have a short supply of it, always threatening to run out. Others described as having the patience of a saint can endure longer episodes of frustration. What about God, whose patience is commensurate to the infinite span of his unconditional love?

“The keywords here are ‘unconditional’ and ‘love.’ Those who love with empathy and compassion put up with so much more aggravation than those who operate in a self-centered mode—taking everything personally. Moreover, those who love ‘no-matter-what’ win their championship in patience hands down.

“What is the point of patience, you may ask, if it eventually runs out and causes the casualties of impatience to endure the full lashing out of the ‘offended’ parties who self-righteously refuse to come to their moral senses? Ironically, it seems that the wrath's intensity builds up according to the length of the ‘grace period’ — at least as far as the human species is concerned.

“Let us now ponder divine patience. First of all, it operates from the perspective of eternity—the absence of time. Therefore, it is immune to the ‘getting-fed-up’ escalation factor. The Father set everything in motion and seeded life within the parameters of time and space—your living quarters. He considered all this when he tipped the first domino. He has a winning hand, no matter how it plays out.

“Divine patience harvests the rich dividends of waiting things out to serve the highest good. It is the reason why over 200,000 years have elapsed since Lucifer’s betrayal and more than 200 decades since the planetary ministry of Jesus. Why allow for so much extended and acute suffering to befall myriads of innocent souls? It is because, in the end, it contributes to the building of strong characters, an integral part of the divine providence.”

“The universe of your origin is being forged out between the anvil of justice and the hammer of suffering; but those who wield the hammer are the children of mercy, the spirit offspring of the Infinite Spirit.” [UB 9:1.8]

“Hone your discernment skills to determine when it is appropriate to adjourn your loving grace period if it failed to yield the hoped-for positive outcome in the life of erring souls. They will then have to learn the hard way, left to cope with the unavoidable boomerang effect of their disastrous misbehaviors.”

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