Illawarra District, Australia, July 31, 2009.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC22).
Subject: “The Time-space Disagreement About 11:11.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “It is the aspiration, the objective, of the great Architects of the time-space universes that all evolutionary worlds will, as closely as possible, come to resemble the worlds created in visualized perfection and instantaneous completion. Those, precisely, are the instructions given to them by the Architect of all Architects – the First Source and Centre to all that ever was, is, and will be.

“Clearly it is understood that there can be found little that is of a creature-evolutionary nature and innate to worlds that are created perfect. In contrast, there is initially little in the way of inherent creature-perfection to be found on evolutionary worlds. It is a function of our time-space universes to provide all its created, born, and eventuated citizens with an opportunity to, through lengthy experience, become God-like, and of great use as Ambassadors, and Teachers to, as well as benevolent Rulers of, the evolutionary universes now forming in deep space. Perfection in time-space, however, is consuming of much time.

“Is it not true that concrete takes time to harden, or it will become brittle and useless when the curing process is rushed? There is scientific proof that this is so. Is it not wise for a child to be taught according to a well-planned syllabus? We know for a fact that this is essential. As well, is it not vital for entire populations to advance at a measured pace? I give you as proof the sad decline of ‘over-run’ native populations in many lands. Even so, there are amongst you those who will reach for the sky, and want to see progress at break-neck speed. Indeed, whilst there are others, who will ‘throw out the anchor’ and shout, ‘Stop!’

“Only in a created world of perfection could there be agreement on all matters of importance, whereas on evolutionary worlds there must always be the two opposing forces – one to produce growth, the other to temper it – one to fly high, the other to bring one back to earth. And so it is on this world as on all other evolutionary worlds of time-space, as we come to tackle the question you have posed: ‘Why should there have been such strong and lengthy disagreement about the wide-spread use of the 11:11 time-prompts?’

“To understand the objections one needs to compare established religion, with the spirituality of the individual, and a third, heretofore unknown, but sure-fire way of finding your Teacher and God. A religion requires you to believe in what it dictates without proof, spirituality demands that you have faith in the spirit world, and likely without a shred of solid evidence. However, the recipients of 11:11 time-prompts, through regular meditation, and without them believing anything at all, can prove, and they do prove time and again, that a spirit world exists, and that the universe is innately friendly.

“The now decades-past disagreement between the Progressive and Religious Angels dealt not so much with the certainty that some recipients of the 11:11 time-prompt would be frightened. That would happen. That was always obvious and predictable. The Religious Angels objections dealt to a far greater degree with the potential loss of your most enviable special status on this world; the birthright of the Agondonter.

“You are entitled to that special status on this troubled world by believing and having faith in God without having proof. Despite the fact that you can now prove the existence of the spirit world in a near-scientific way, that status has not been lost by you.”

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