Oregon, USA, October 26, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Humility Issues Your Permission Slip for Divine Intervention”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “Divine intervention is an often-misunderstood procedure. In the days of Jesus, Israel expected a superhuman liberator who would quickly grab everyone’s attention by performing mind-boggling miracles and taking extra-ordinary initiatives. History disproved such wild expectations.

“Against all conjectures, the divine intervention orchestrated from On High through Jesus’ incarnation on Earth was low-key. He became a living human conduit for the Father to reclaim and spread his legitimate influence among men.

“The inception of the heavenly kingdom occurred in the stillness of Jesus’ heart. ‘My will is to do your will,’ was the spark that kindled the spiritual wildfire meant to sweep your planet. Indeed, each life can make a remarkable contribution provided it sets the right objectives for the activation of its willpower.

“Divine intervention takes place at a personal level—never coercive, always resourceful. What do you need to reform within yourself? Where do you feel conflicted? Pinpoint and prioritize your areas of discomfort in your inner remodeling.

“Is it insidious pride—the flaw that Lucifer could not identify within himself, which caused so much historical and planetary angst? Is it a chronic foul mood that turns you into a toxic agent in the life of those who do their best to keep their chin up amidst severe adversities, firmly holding on to the lifeline of gratitude? Is it greed, the fear of lack, or megalomania, the delusions of grandeur?

“Divine interventions cannot succeed without the prerequisite of humility—its permission slip. God could have dispelled Lucifer’s or Judas’ hostile musings if they had candidly admitted to their faith crisis. Pride, coupled with festering resentment, blinded them to their unbalanced mental and emotional states.

“Once you make the wholehearted decision to find out God’s vision for your life, a string of synchronicities will start profiling itself on the horizon of your life, shaking you out of your complacency. Embrace these surprising turns of event, as they are the gateways through which the divine takes the welcome initiatives to bring you back in his loving fold.”

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