Urantia, April 1, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “Untrammeled by Outward Influences.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “In order for you to know Me better, you ought to begin to awaken to the fact that it is desirable for you to stay near to Me, in order to develop a greater conscious awareness of Me, not only when you come to Me in the Stillness but also in your everyday life.

“This is a grand training you have embarked upon – to seek Me each day in your prayer time. You see child, the more you include Me in your daily comings and goings, the more powerful My guidance will become, as you develop greater listening skills.

“It is very important that you consciously take Me with you, so that life will become simpler for you as you will sense more of My admonitions. In this learning process, a greater joy will manifest itself as you begin to feel more secure in My love for you and in My keeping you in My embrace at all times.

“Simply put, you are slowly arriving at a point of greater balance between head and heart, meaning that you not only know, but also feel that I am here for you at all times; that I am everywhere in you and around you.

“So, what can man do unto you? Nothing! No evil can truly harm you, as your soul is safe and secure in My keeping.

“This is a most joyous and beautiful road to travel on. Come My beloved, resist no longer My prompts, My urgings, but lend Me greater cooperation.

“The sooner you realize this, the more advanced the lessons will become.

“Let us enjoy each other’s company, untrammeled by outward influences.

“I know that this is also the deepest desire in your heart.”

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