Tallahassee, Florida, US of A, January 27, 1996.
Teacher Ambrose.
Subject: “The Seeds Of Loving Kindness.”

Received by JoiLin.

Ambrose: “Greetings dear ones. Today we will talk briefly about seed planting.

“You hold within your very hearts the seeds that will one day free mankind and this world of all that is negative, bringing Light to all that wait in darkness, for waiting within your hearts are the Life and the Hope of this world. You are those who sow these seeds of Life for humankind, and you do this by utilizing your connection to the Father and by allowing His Light and Love to pass through you and reach out to others.

“With every loving word, with every gentle gesture, you plant these seeds within the hearts of others, who in turn will one day begin to plant some of their own. This world is in a process of transformation; one that will take many years of loving sowing before the garden will be ready to be harvested. You are the stewards of new life on this world, and it will be through your ministrations; through your attention to the planting of even the tiniest seeds that tomorrow will burst forth in beautiful blossoms of living love.

“Go forth today and plant your seeds of loving kindness within the lives and hearts of your siblings, knowing that as you do so, you lay the foundation for a world full of light. Do not worry about tending these seeds once you have planted them; for the Father Himself will lovingly tend to them, awaiting the day when they, too, will burst forth in service to Him. Shalom.”

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“Sous la Sauvegarde de Michael tout est possible.”
(When taken under Michael’s Wing, all things are possible)