Urantia, February 28, 2012.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Intent is the Key.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Those who have their focus clearly on the Glory of God shall surely see Him in the far distant future. First, however, they will traverse and complete the many opportune assignments in the worlds beyond, and in the process of becoming perfect spirits.

“This earthly journey is already the beginning, whilst you are still living your foundational life in the flesh. After you have ‘laid down your temporary habiliments,’ and leave your physical temple behind, you will begin your morontia career precisely where you left off, quite dependent on how sincere and responsible you have been.

“You see, dear ones, your conduct throughout this first life creates the foundation for the next life on the mansion worlds. It is all in the intent, which is always the key to either a happy or unhappy life. Choices abound each day, and plentiful are the opportunities for you to act.

“The more mindful you become in your intent, thereby connecting thoughts and actions, the more progressive your days will become. You are learning from your text, (The Urantia Book), that all intent of the human heart is instantly reflected to the heart of God, but God never judges. It is the intent of the human heart, and consequent actions about which the mortal judges him or her self.

“The pity of the celestials for former mortals is great when they accompany these mortal charges into eternal life. Often these souls wake up to the realization that they could have lived a much better life. Full of remorse they are heard to say, ‘Oh if only I had known, I would have lived my life more to the glory of God.’

“The enigma here is that they rarely gave themselves the time for reflection to follow the inner promptings of their on-board Partner, or to pay heed to the urges of their guardian angels. They were too busy thinking about their selves, without engaging in real and elevated thought.

“You know that one can only think one thought at a time, and thoughts follow the intent of the heart. Intent is the key as to how you live your life. It is the key to everything, for either unselfish living or a selfish existence.

“Intent from a pure and sincere human heart reaches the heart of the Creator God, and in this way the pilgrim will be far more successful at the start of his or her eternal life. The eternal career is the goal, the single purpose of this foundational life in the flesh. It is never too late to begin living with heartfelt intent.”

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