Illawarra District, Australia, April 14, 2012.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Of Energies and Humility.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mentori Spokesperson: “The Correcting Time makes this system of the local universe one of many ideal places where a personality of my high order can return to re-learn humility. To be created near perfect without being all-knowing will require one to, from time to time, take accurate stock of one’s penchant for being either unassuming, or indeed for being condescending in company of one’s students.

“An acceptable degree of humility is a valuable, a profitable character trait when dealing with one’s superiors, as well as with those still climbing the spiritual ladder towards perfection. It is refreshing to be a member of a group of the long-ago inaugurated Mentori. It is rewarding to contribute to the lessons that are being prepared for some of you to receive, or to intuit through energies still unknown to you.

“Much as the immediate presence of a Son of God will create a spiritual uplift in any sphere, so do our mindal connections with your world progress (advance) your spiritual wellbeing, your intuitive understanding of psychic matters, your appreciation of the Creator Father of all. Those of higher realms represent a positive energy in your midst. Care must be taken that worldly stressors do not annul these energies.

“Care must be taken that you, as receivers of spiritual messages, do not overcompensate, or drift away from the accepted task of being the human ‘loudspeakers’ for the lessons prepared for you by us. At times, sheer unqualified worldly stress – tensions of war, urgent needs, or unrest felt by many, and radiating out, infecting, contaminating -- have caused ‘the imagination of many a well-meaning lightworker to attain escape velocity’ and depart from its solid grounding.

“Anchor yourself with us in true spirituality. Revelation is not a function of our contacting you across time and space, and although snippets of disclosure may seem to come your way, virtually all of these truth fragments were learnt before, by someone, at some time, in some place. It is important that you may return to your trusty Urantia text and re-acquaint yourself with that which rang your truth bells over and over again. Undoubtedly you will find that you will learn more, discover more of what was previously overlooked.

“Do not be concerned about the frequent ‘messages of revelation’ coming your way, but use your relaxed discernment in determining if its truth can be your truth, or if it is merely that of a too eager brother or sister. We salute you. Stay with the mission.”

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