Alabama, US of A, November 10, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Real Freedom.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Real freedom in human life comes from total dedication to the will of the Father. When a human being consciously chooses to follow the path indicated by God, he or she is making an intelligent and real decision. This decision is based on two aspects: The fact that the creature understands that the Father’s way is the most beneficial way for the self, and the complete trust of the creature in the Creator.

“This decision will naturally cause the forgetting of the self. Those who have made this supreme decision become rather unconcerned about their material survival, whilst many things that seemed essential in the past now lose their importance. To the eyes of others, these people live without concerns, and nothing seem to alter the peace they radiate. Not even those difficult situations that from time to time occur in life will alter their peace of mind.

“Do you wish for such freedom? Do you wish for such peace beyond logic? You just have to let yourself go. Remember the story about a fish that held stubbornly to the bottom of the river, suffering a lot, when the only thing he needed to do was to let go, and let the current take him to the wonders that were lying ahead. Letting go is true faith. It is not an act of blind obedience or submission. Instead, it is an affirmation of liberty, the acceptance of the fatherhood of God. It is to say 'you are my beloved Father, and I know you love me, therefore I trust you to guide me along the most ideal path.’

“The Father does not expect you to blindly believe in Him, nor have faith without foundation that could easily degrade into fanaticism, or in time be forgotten. If today you cannot declare this supreme trust, it is because you don’t yet know Him. As in every other human friendship, the best way to get to know the Father is by visiting Him often, and spending time alone with Him. You can do this through the practice of Stillness with the desire of being closer to God. In this way you will see how this trust will naturally grow in your heart.”

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