Asheville, NC, US of A, January 24, 2016.
Teacher: The SUMERIAN.
Subject: The Elements of Development (Part 2).

Message received by Chris Maurus.

The SUMERIAN: The discernment process is one that is continually changing and evolving as you mature spiritually. The Indwelling Spirit continually speaks to us and points the way, yet because of our immature spiritual and intellectual limitations, we mostly misinterpret the meaning and often create and attach our own story about what is truth and what is error based on our conditioning, past experience and personal desires. The maturing of the discernment process comes when we learn to slow down, quiet the mind and sincerely ask questions about the matter at hand without any preconceived answer — even an answer that may not fit in with our current belief system. Being open and with the desire to be led to the answer, no matter where it may lead or how it may tread on your current beliefs and assumption, is the way to quicken the process.

Keep in mind that there are many strange and fantastic things in the Creator’s multiverse that you do not understand, yet as the Indwelling Spirit prepares you for each new experience and relative new truth, you must be willing to collapse the old scaffolding that brought you to the new understanding. This is the way of progress. Holding onto the past without questioning your own beliefs is stagnation and is one of the leading causes of suffering on your planet. Even those things that are considered “Universal Truth” may come more into focus as your consciousness expands and allows for a greater understanding of those fundamental ideas.

There is an adage on your world that says, “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” That may be true for some dogs, but I assure you that is not the case for the human soul, for spiritual maturity and a perfecting discernment process is a part of the never-ending expansion of the mind which leads to perfection. It is most unfortunate that the elderly on your world have mostly given up on mind expansion and instead choose to pass the day with mind numbing entertainments and idleness. Your societies have imposed the idea that when a citizen can no longer be productive at making money, that they have no worth. This idea is very powerful when it is accepted on a planetary scale, it is like the very cancers and illnesses that plague the elderly. On other more progressive worlds in the universe, the elderly are the patriarchs of knowledge and they are highly valued for their experience and for the expansion of their minds. Only when the physical limitations of brain function prevent this expansion do they “retire” into more therapeutic self-care as they await fusion with their Thought Adjusters.

If you are “retiring” from the business of making money, then you are in a position to heighten your spiritual understanding and accelerate the expansion of your mind, for idleness is a waste of the precious resource of time given you for the preparation of life in eternity. Always remain a learner and keep an open mind where it can continue to be filled. Never assume you have all the answers, for even the Creator who is “all knowing,” still has not achieved “all experience” and so does the Creator continue to expand infinitely. Even those who reach Finality and relative perfection continue to expand as their wisdom deepens with each new experience.

To be “called” to perfection by the Creator is to remain open for new ideas and new understandings. Therefore, perfecting your process is vital to the eternal expansion of mind. We have much more to discuss!

Until then. Be well, be open, be willing,


Edited by Linda Abell.

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