Urantia, September 2, 2015.
Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “It Is All a Matter of Choice.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “Well child, it took me a while to get your attention. I am not that far away from you that you should not sense me. We are always eager to find a willing mortal to be attentive enough to take a dictation. We, Mentori, are a group of super-universe teachers, who are willing to give some instruction as reinforcement to support the mentality of humans on this planet, many of whom are starting to get depressed and confused by all the signs and symptoms of imbalance on this planet.

“You see, child, things could indeed be so much better if humans would only realize that they are not alone and bereft. It simply has not occurred to the majority of you to make a personal connection to the All-That-Is and send a heartfelt prayer to the Creator of all with a request to understand what is happening.

“The truth of the matter is that the injunction to Be-come perfect has not been put into practice as much as it could have. Neither the injunction to abide by God’s will. The Universal Creator is always available and knows every thought on this planet, including all intentions and actions — the good, the bad and the ugly.

“Life itself is both a gift and a privilege from the Gods. Life itself holds the key to eternal life. Eternal life is the choice between mortality and immortality. This choice is open to each one who takes responsibility upon them to choose. However, for each human with the capability of thinking for themselves that choice is always connected to taking responsibility for their actions and inactions.

“No one is going to bail out anyone of all the wrong turns and misspent lives. Each mortal has been gifted with free will to choose and to do God’s will as they understand it with love, tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness. The practice of these values alone would turn this world around.

“It is just so sad — an abomination to the heart of Father — that half of His evolving children are having such a hard time on this planet. This was never the intent and was not supposed to be so. Of course, I am speaking of God’s daughters. The males who are less than loving towards the females will most certainly in due time understand how they have erred and will have to ask the females for forgiveness.

“It is mysterious and very precious that females have been gifted with an unbounded capacity for love since they are the life-carriers on the planet. Without females, males would not even exist and the human race would die out. Such is the sober observation.

“The way the Creator foresaw, intended and planned it was that males and females are to be complemental to each other and accord each other the love and respect each deserves. The idea is to create a balanced, loving family to raise happy children, which is a most satisfying and fulfilling way to live and which contributes to progress of the planet.

“This idea always remains your choice.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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