Oregon, August 8, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “An Urgent Clarion Call – Will You Answer It?”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “What should be an open-minded political arena of goodwill collaboration in selfless service for the collective welfare, has morphed into a dangerous minefield in many planetary hotspots. Hardcore partisans with deeply entrenched opinions operate on the misguided principle that the end justifies the means. Immature or misled souls have handed out supposedly temporary eviction notices to the brotherly love and respect, the empathy and compassion admonished and extended by Jesus toward all — the real keys to birthing a thriving civilization.

How can the fundamental cosmic Law and Order be restored to align your planet with its glorious destiny of Love and Light? Certainly not by declaring it as an outcast and an outlaw. It is the matrix for harmonious heavenly institutions — the all-merciful parameters according to which your life’s journey will be evaluated when you transition to higher planes of cosmic reality.

Today, your spiritual guidance team appeals to each one of you to become the first responders in the existential spiritual crisis your planet is currently undergoing. Here are a few suggestions for heartfelt affirmations. *

  • Father, make me an instrument of Your will, as my will is to do Your will.
  • I wish to be a receptacle for the Holy Spirit.
  • I forgive those who offend me.
  • I adopt the mindset of Jesus, who condemned sin while extending unconditional love and mercy to the sinner — activating their potential for self-reformation and self-redemption.
  • I intend to direct divine energy toward the clarity and discernment of truth in ways that facilitate humankind to make moral choices based on facts in their lives. I open my heart and focus my mind on the Spirit of Truth for discernment. I petition my guides to assist me in helping others do the same so that they may make the highest moral decisions — based on the core values that support life, equality, personal growth, quality of life, and are implemented with empathy, compassion, and love for humanity.
  • I empower myself to influence the inflection point** at this historic moment for the welfare of the whole world and all future generations that come into existence.
Here is your daily practical homework assignment that will be transformative: You know — personally or through social networking — individuals who stand on the other side of the ‘ideological aisle.’ Instead of unfriending them, disparaging them, and declaring them lost causes, pick the most challenging one and become his or her ‘secret Santa.’ Sincerely pray for his or her highest good — as a proxy for all those who exhibit similar propensities, thus transcending any political discordance. As well, envision your politicians warmly reaching out across the aisle, willing to brain- and heart-storm for the highest good of their constituents. Fast forward in time to see it as already fulfilled.”

Note of the receiver:
*I gathered input from various celestial sources that I found to be highly relevant.

** Inflection point, as defined by Daniel Raphael Ph.D.: A fine change that occurs from what was to what is — a point where you can make a tremendous influence upon the direction of all humankind in the future.

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