Alberta, Canada, May 15, 2013.
Prometheus’ Treasures - XIII.
Subject: “Cultivating Wellbeing–Part I–Parenting the Viable Child.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher Prometheus: “Well-being is a phrase that can be applied in all situations where a human-being is called upon to make a choice, for the choice to serve is presented time and time again to each child of the evolutionary spheres. The consciously ethical, striving, and spiritually receptive individual is aware of the potentialities of choice-making to a degree in the rudimentary intellect which develops with each experiential choice. The average-minded human being certainly has in their possession free will, bestowed at the time the personality-gift is given, at birth and not before. Teaching the child to make choices, which consider the well-being of others, is of paramount importance. As it states in the Urantia Papers, the Gift of the Thought Adjuster does not arrive until the human child makes his or her first moral choice.

“An infant develops an ability to communicate and this precipitates learning via choice-making. Parents must be cognizant of the fact that they are members of a community, which supports the family, and therefore they must teach their children to make responsible choices within the community. The ‘common good’ must be considered the higher priority, before a choice is made which has the potential to affect the whole community.

“The first several years of development are focused on the nourishment of the mind, the physical vehicle and the emotional-psychological and social needs of the child. The child’s sense of self is but the seed of consciousness, a narrow and necessarily self-focused awareness. The needs of the child stimulate the human parents investments of time, energy, but most importantly love. This ‘self’ could be called ‘ego’ but would more properly be described as a seed of greater ‘consciousness’. The investment of the efforts of human parents, Mother Spirit, and Seraphim which tend to the young children and the over-care-protective-calming energies of Christ Michael our Universe Sovereign are required to grow the seed to an expanded consciousness. Personality depends upon this expanded consciousness.

“The Spirit of Truth – the Gift of Christ Michael to His Urantian children after his resurrection (more appropriately called translation from His mortal Bestowal mission) – begins to work in coordination with the Adjutant Mind Spirits of Mother Spirit as soon as the child has sufficient awareness of self and the awareness of his or her ability to respond to stimulus and create ‘thought forms’ which are an expression of its needs and feelings. The needs of the self-aware human-child-personality are not simply physical!

“The child-personality desires, and above all else needs, the acceptance and loving affection and the attentiveness of his or her parents. The child also fundamentally requires and deserves safety and security. The child can only thrive if certain primary conditions are met: Firstly, a safe and caring environment; secondly, accepting and nurturing attitudes from the care-givers; thirdly, the nourishment which stimulates growth of body, mind-intellect, and social, emotional, and ‘spiritual intelligence’.

“The conditions of safety, acceptance, nourishment and commitment – response-ability – to the needs of the child must be met sufficiently for there to be a ‘viable child’, who yearns to learn beyond the vital prerequisite of simple animal-survival skills.

“We are Prometheus and Friends.”

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