Alberta, Canada, June 22, 2014.
Prometheus’ Treasures - XIV.
Subject: “Cultivating Wellbeing – Part II – Teaching the Principle of Brotherhood.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher Prometheus: “While humans need to be aware of their very basic survival needs, it is of critical importance for them to begin to educate children from a very young age – as soon as the child shows awareness of others, even from the age of eighteen months, and in some cases earlier – to the needs of others. These others include family members, and friends who visit and interact with the family, also including neighbors and professional care-givers.

“All morality is based on the awareness of the need to respect, uphold and honor the fundamental needs of others, because of the truth of the fact: All are children of the First Source Creator. This means the concept of a Divine Parent is essential for morality, social health, and the progression of both the individual, as well as individual societies, nations and associations. This recognition leads to the full realization of responsibility as a child of our Creator. The embracing of membership in the spiritual Family of God brings an awareness of the need for intelligent, loving cooperation with each other to co-create with the help of real Spiritual forces and personalities – a planetary culture of Light and Life.

“Wayshower is a word which deserves to be carefully considered, and repeatedly emphasized in a society to underscore and remind all members, no matter their personal stage of personality development, status, or station, that they have a moral priority and obligation to lead by example and demonstration, behavior of Brotherly Love and consideration. This moral obligation applies to parents, siblings, teachers, mentors, friends, neighbors, and service providers, leaders in education, government, business and spiritual communities.

“The individual members of a society must be taught by example that each person who is given any opportunity to interact in a relationship with a child, is expected to exhibit the most noble bearing of excellence in ethical and moral, spiritually responsible behavior. The highest codes of conduct and loving service values of a sustainable society must be actively practiced by all members. Exceptional care must be taken in teaching each member that they play a role in the raising of viable, healthy fully functional, emotionally balanced and morally capable children.

“This ideal of behavior may sound challenging to achieve, practically impossible to attain, and daunting to deliver. The importance of investing all the very best behavior of selfless, loving service, respect for equality and responsible conduct to children can not be underestimated. Each person can acknowledge the potential impact and real influence they are endowed with, because of their free-will personality status. They can accept how their personal choices: either honor the Divine Guidance to serve as a loving wayshower, neglect an opportunity to teach a child the Christ-like way, or cause confusion and promote conflict in a child’s mind through examples of selfish, dishonorable, unloving, unjust or morally corrupt behavior.

“Brotherhood is not only to be seen as a lofty concept based on intellectually-derived ethics, but a living and vital, breathing way of relating to all of one’s fellows. This certainly extends to all other human beings born on neighboring time-space spheres, but also extends to all orders of created and personalizing, perfecting and ministering individualized beings as well as the application of this principal of brotherhood to all evolutionary races, and Spirit-indwelt species.

“We are Prometheus and Friends.”

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