Oregon, June 7, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Ready to Tie the Knot?"

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “Everything God does has a long-term objective. How could it be any different since, as an eternal Being, the scope of eternity is non-negligible in His Great Plan? To manifest His most loving intentions into an ever-evolving reality, He instituted what you would coin as a ‘cosmic service industry’ — enlisting the help of myriads of altruistic artisans, cheerfully and diligently collaborating in their various fields of expertise and predilection. How else could any creative endeavor exude beauty and goodness if it was not performed willingly and lovingly?

As a Divine Fragment of the Father, I, too, strive to serve and thrive in doing so. Upon your first moral decision, I was given access to your promising mind and its intricate inner workings. My first assignment was to monitor your mental processes to assess how to develop the most appropriate spiritual curriculum without infringing on your self-governance.

My on-site presence enables Me to seize all windows of opportunity to ‘adjust’ your thinking incrementally like an orthodontist performing minute corrections to a child’s crooked dentition to bring forth a perfect smile over time.

Your thinking needs to be elevated from your down-to-earth limited perspective and preoccupations to qualify you as a viable candidate for an eternal destiny as a full-fledged spiritual being. It would be best to acknowledge this fact while operating in a physical form that will return to dust. My role is to help you bridge the gap between materialism and spirituality, prompting you to live a meaningful life and prepping you for a successful transition in the afterlife.

Eventually, I will become your Go-To when in need of enlightened spiritual guidance. I am then promoted to the status of Thought Controller — not in a dictatorial way, but an advisory function. The more you get to know Me, the better you pick up on My Leadings and experience the favorable outcomes they manifest in your life when you act upon them. Eventually, you will think My way. Mission accomplished! We are then ready to tie the knot — to fuse into one harmonious being.”

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