Oregon, USA, April 29, 2023.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Reflections on the Gifts of Pentecost – Part 1.”

Message received by Anyas.

“These believers felt themselves suddenly translated into another world, a new existence of joy, power, and glory. The Master had told them the kingdom would come with power, and some of them thought they were beginning to discern what he meant.” [UB, 194:0.6]

Thought Adjuster: “While reading this narrative about the effect of the bestowal of Jesus’ Spirit of Truth on the day of Pentecost, the thought occurred to you that, because this Spirit endowment has kept giving of itself ever since, it is easy to take it for granted since you have not experienced as Jesus’ followers did, the experiential contrast between their downtrodden ‘before’ frame of mind and heart and the undeniable ‘after’ emotional and spiritual upliftment that bore witness to that marvelous outpour of the Spirit.

This endowment was of great magnitude as it was tremendously amplified by the concurrent bestowal of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Father Fragments — the Thought Adjusters.

It is up to you to revitalize these tremendous inner spiritual driving forces that you may have unconsciously relegated to an idle mode for lack of attention. These are the most significant contributors to your spiritual rebirth and ascension toward your next psychic circle of spiritual achievement.

They are an integral part of the glad tidings brought by Jesus into your world to inspire you to emulate his confident spiritual strides, spreading the great news of your liberation from spiritual bondage to a contagious state of spiritual thriving.”

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