Illawarra District, Australia, June 28, 2008.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Soul Progress.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “It is the case with almost every communication. We make our plans we don’t exactly know what to expect first up, and in this instance it is not that we are passing on information at too fast a rate, no. It is that your mind that is still racing. So we will take our time, and we will slow it down some more.

“The time prompts that we and you have learned to use so well are a marvelous new asset. For tens of thousands of years we did not have the right to contact you. We rarely had the right, or the opportunity, to subliminally impress matters onto human minds. All this has changed now. And I say we have not moved up a notch. We have moved up many, many notches to benefit you all.

“The ones temporarily left behind are our human brothers and sisters because too many rapid changes will unsettle you. You are not like us, indestructible and long lived. You are necessarily fearful of change, and in some instances you are afraid of improvements. When I say to you that you are left behind; the ways and behaviors of thousands of years are still with you today. You have your rules, your regulations, your ethics, your moral understandings, and yet compared to your Celestial Brothers and Sisters there remains much to be desired in your general behaviors.

“It is not okay to be jealous of another providing this is not expressed. Whether or not it is expressed is irrelevant, because it is soul-felt and understood by another at the soul level. The remedy is to count your personal blessings and talents, or make better use of them. It is not okay to be snobbish towards another of your species providing it is not shown. Whether it is shown or not is beside the point, because it is sensed by another. The cure for snobbery is a clear cut evaluation of one’s own shortcomings.

“There is so much that is in your minds that needs to be purified, that you need to give your thoughts, you need to give your attention to attain all-important soul progress. Whatever forward steps you can make toward the end goal of perfection in this short lifetime will count more than double for whatever more you will achieve on the Mansion Worlds. Greatness in men and women is a blessing in that they provide worthy examples to countless others. Many in our universes see mankind as an organism, the individual parts of which can and do create health for self and others.

“I suggest to you that you produce a greater awareness of your thinking patterns, of your attitudes, of your character flaws, and in doing so produce a betterment of these aspects I have just mentioned. A greater awareness is important because this universe will relentlessly teach you the lessons that you need to learn. You may well find yourself subject to the jealousies or criticisms, the snobbish behavior or the lack of care of another, and, likely because the universe is so well organized, this is meant to be a lesson for you. Are you also snubbing the ones that you should love, jealous of the person who is perceived to have more than you have, snobbish towards one who may not even enjoy your ease of living, critical of one whose very criticisms you may not be able to stand?

“There is much to be corrected on this world. We cannot impart this to you in a single generation, but look around you at the little ones, who from birth have had contact with us, now that we are actually capable of ‘plying our trade’ as we should. You will see the gems of minds they have acquired and now possess.

“This is your friend of many years. This is ABC-22. I thank you for your time. I thank you for your willingness to take in our lessons. I say good bye for now on behalf of myself and the others who lovingly surround you at this time. Au Revoir.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”

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