Urantia, July 12, 2016.
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: “A Personal Equilibrium.”

Received by Lytske.

Machiventa: “Finally you hear from your planetary manager, whose words of wisdom you have enjoyed in various transmissions and you hoped that someday you might hear from him. You are in awe about his simple no nonsense words of wisdom, which resonated deep in your heart and you reacted to even print some messages, just in case they might not be accessible at some future date.

“We fervently hope that this dark possibility will not materialize, but even so, many, many prayers for peace need to rise before the throne of the Almighty God, because of the possibilities of pending catastrophes which have been centuries in the making and the warnings of which have sounded all along.

“There are many throughout the masses who have not yet attained a personal relationship with their Creator, but who like sheep follow others. A personal equilibrium in spiritual matters — like a growing faith and trust in God — is called for and this would exponentially help progress on our beloved Urantia. Instead, people are spiritually quite lazy and neglectful and they use their precious minds for mundane matters and wasting time with their electronic toys. Movies with uplifting messages or songs filled with hope have a hard time getting into the main thought-stream of the masses.

“Presently not only your food is being denatured but also the thoughts which need to feed the soul and encourage personal self-discipline that leads to self-mastery. It seems that the humans on this planet are having a difficult time maturing into spiritual adulthood, therefore the planet languishes, lacking in spiritual progress and unfortunately it has done so for hundreds of years.

“From our celestial viewpoint, this is worrisome, indeed, as so few humans are actively involved in growing their souls through loving service towards each other.

“For true spiritual progress to happen it is mandatory that each thinking human take responsibility for their personal soul-growth. All of you have the Gift of a heavenly Guide within you. Why not take advantage of the advice of your on-board heavenly Partners? They have been given to guide and uplift the minds of humankind. Truly, what is stopping you? You all have this precious opportunity to avail yourselves of the best and most direct route to God.

“The Creator is always accessible to each and everyone who is willing to work on his or her personal soul progress to achieve therewith a wonderful personal equilibrium. This equilibrium aids their successful, happy and worthwhile life, rather than it being lived only at the mercy of material things and circumstances.

“Think about the difference this choice brings; to living a God-centered life through the seeking and doing of His Will; and what this means for eternity. Instead, you will in your advancing years be bemoaning an earth-life filled with regrets, just because you neglected to build a solid equilibrium for your eternal soul. It is here on earth, that you are given the chance to make the greatest progress.

“The more you live selflessly and think about others’ well-being and produce spiritual fruits, whilst practicing being in a state of loving and forgiving, the more pleasant the surrounding atmosphere will be. This will benefit not only your immediate surroundings but it will also affect the circuits of the planet and the more beneficial and progressive everything will become in all areas of life.”

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