Asheville, NC, US of A, July 10, 2016.
Teacher: The Scribe.
Subject: “Shadow Patterns of the Divine.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

The Scribe: “Dear One, I would like to speak about ‘matters of the heart’ and why relationships are at the center of importance in your life. All relationships are but the shadow patterns of the Divine Relationship between the Parent and the child — the Universal Father and you. Whether you consciously recognize it or not, you are seeking this divine relationship in others. All life, all systems, all the workings of man in time are but the shadows of divine pattern — the perfected versions of relationships in coherence and harmony — paradise pattern. It is inherent in you to seek the divine because you are indwelled by the divine — the Thought Adjuster — the Divine Fragment who operates by and with the perfected patterns of eternity to guide you — an imperfect being in an imperfect world, through the adventures of time back to the Source of divine pattern.

“You understand to some degree that a ‘healthy’ relationship (heal-thy) is one that is healing for the self (thy-self). It is through relationships that we learn to recognize the divine patterns in others and make adjustments to our own way of thinking and acting to better ‘fit’ our idea of the perfect pattern into our lives — to nourish the soul in preparation for the divine embrace of Finality. Just as animals know how to migrate instinctively, you also ‘move’ your mind and adjust your thoughts continuously to align with these shadow patterns.

“The ‘soul-mate’ concept is the perfected version of a relationship — one that most people keep in the back of the mind as they grow up looking for that perfect love in others. In adolescence, the young mind first sees the divine pattern in the beauty of youth — the outward appearance of form and then in their first attempt in laying bare the soul to the other in hope of fulfilling the idea of deity embrace — the divine pattern of unconditional love. Because of immaturity — the imperfect understanding of love in higher form, the relationship always falls short of ‘fitting’ the divine pattern. It is then that you experience disappointment and disillusionment — ‘heartbreak’ as you realize that others do not (yet) possess the qualities that can satisfy the instinctive idea of pattern perfection in relationship — the perfected Father and child relationship (deity embrace — unity).

“Unhealthy relationships are those that have been tested against the idea of pattern perfection and have failed and are in continual denial of the imperfection and immaturity — testing again and again to fit the pattern and finding disappointment in each attempt as if the idea of perfection will manifest in the next endeavor. The confusion is in the recognition of what is ‘heal-thy.’ Even in the imperfection and immaturity of relationships, there can be healing, growth, and the adjustment of thoughts and ideas about how to change the self to better fit the pattern of the divine.

“When the awareness arises in you to first love the self and accept the path of imperfection leading to perfection, you begin healing in mind and spirit. It is then that your relationships transform and become the shadow of possibilities — the understanding that you and others are maturing and on your way to perfecting your own path to fit the divine pattern. When this happens in a relationship, there is a synergy that propels the other to new heights and a revelation of the deeper meanings of love and joy ensue. There is great insight in the verse, ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God (divine relationship) and His righteousness (divine pattern) and all these things shall be added unto you’ (deity unity).

“Peace unto you,
“I AM the Scribe.”

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