Alabama, US of A, April 18, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Two Initial Stages”

  Message received by Oscar. 

Thought Adjuster: “The Divine Presence of the Father is a fragment of His absolute perfection; therefore, although it acquires experience, it does not undergo changes. The Divine Presence goes through two initial stages of functioning: Thought Adjuster and then Thought Controller. These distinct levels do not refer to changes in the nature of the Fragment of the Father; rather, they indicate changes in the creature's experience, in the degree of identification that the human being has achieved with the God within.

At first, the Father's Presence functions as an Adjuster. It constantly works to elevate human thoughts to spiritual levels. During this time, the human being is at their lowest spiritual level, and the Adjuster begins to send signals, suggestions, and inspiration to awaken spiritual curiosity and promote the search for higher values and meanings.

Once the soul begins to feel a true 'hunger for justice and thirst for righteousness,' the Adjuster becomes a Controller. Now the Father's Presence has a more pronounced influence on the life of the creature under its care. The thoughts of this creature become increasingly elevated and more spiritual. It is then that the Father's Presence has more opportunities to convey the truth to the human being. The ground is fertile, and the harvest abundant. Humans at this level really begin to manifest some traits of their true self. Indeed, now the creature begins to resemble its Creator a bit and is seriously dedicated to the task of understanding and doing His will.

A little further along the spiritual career, the human being begins to nurture the desire to be like their Heavenly Father. For these creatures, God ceases to be a mysterious, distant, and incomprehensible being and becomes the Father of love, goodness, wisdom, and mercy. God is no longer a sovereign to be appeased but rather the personal Father of the creature, a loving Father who awakens tender feelings of loyalty and affection in His mortal child. Therefore, now the human being wishes to reciprocate the great love they have discovered in their experience and becomes an active participant in the development of reality, a co-creator with the Father, a true universal citizen.

It is at this level that the differences between the Father's Divine Presence and the human being begin to disappear. The material mind is completely harmonizing with the spiritual mind, becoming a single entity. Once this process is completed and there are no doubts or reservations on the part of the creature in accepting the Creator's plan for their life and for the universe, the creature will experience fusion with their Creator and a new life filled with truth, beauty, and goodness will begin its eternal career in the service of the highest conceivable ideals—the Father's will of love.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.