A Direct Task in Progress

Illawarra District, Australia, September 11, 2012.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Machiventa Melchizedek.

Subject: “A Direct Task in Progress.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “We greet you both. Quite a number of us are assembled here and we look forward to be spending some time with you. It has been some months since we all got together in this way, and during this day we have been quite looking forward to once again making your home a meeting place. This is Midwayer ABC-22 and I assure you that you are, and likely always will be, one of my most difficult students. Simply because we are so close, I find it easy to get through to you, but whereas some receivers may battle with not going deep enough, it is you who tends to go too deep, where misapprehension, where misunderstanding, where, might I call it, pollution of the messages may occur, which we must later sort out, must double check. All this pales compared to the kinds of questions I must answer, and yes, Ionah intends to renew your acquaintance. For now another is waiting for you.”

Machiventa: This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is opportune for me to speak with you. It is opportune for me to provide you with a few explanations, give you an understanding of the differences between the Nebadon Creator Son, his outlook on his world, his foreknowledge of many things on the one hand, and the attitude and function of the Life Carriers and Melchizedeks on the other hand. Whereas Michael has a laissez faire attitude, a totally forgiving attitude, towards every one of his creatures, various Celestials, including Life Carriers and Melchizedeks in particular, have a more direct task in the progress of the inhabited worlds. Archangels, in steering humanity towards its goal, the Life Carriers in the sense that they put together all the ingredients that will promise success at a later time, and the Melchizedeks in their abilities to see various difficulties crop up ahead of time. All are endowed with unconditional love, but each group has its specific purpose. And indeed, it was repeatedly input on our part to let you know that those teachings that will not see a great deal of success are supported neither by the Angels, nor by the Midwayers, nor by the Teachers, nor by the Mentori who work on simply producing greater and more knowledgeable groups to assist in this Correcting Time of the local sector former rebellious planets.

“Pleased to be able to touch base with you once more. It is I, Machiventa. Good evening.”

George: “This is George. Thank you both. Adieu to all.”

Notes: The (heart) medicine I must take is acid based and does not help reception in my opinion, so I insist on checking the transmissions with ABC-22. Ionah is a long ago departed human friend of Primary Midwayer Andrea and Secondary Midwayer ABC-22. Ionah led an expedition from Japan to South America some 13000 years ago.

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The Process of Detoxification

Michigan, US of A, September 16, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Process of Detoxification.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today we will talk about the process of detoxification. Many of you have heard about this process to clear out from the body unhealthy toxins which have built up over years of ingesting processed foods and pharmaceuticals that can lead to serious physical ailments. Similar to this process of detoxing the body, one must consider the detoxification of the mind – to clear out the unhealthy poisons that affect the emotional and spiritual life. The way to having healthy thoughts, feelings, and a fertile spiritual life is to remove the poisons that block the light and enslave the mind.

“When one feels good physically, it affects ‘the emotional and spiritual weather’ of the individual. This is a good and needful first step, to feel good physically, but in order to do so there must first be the intent to become healthy. This intent to become healthy must also include the emotional and mental health, for one cannot become whole and only care for the body and ignore the mind. All systems work together – body, mind, and spirit.

“Doctors, especially in western cultures, focus mainly on treatment of physical ailments while they almost completely ignore the mental condition of the patient, which in many cases is the root cause for the physical manifestation of illness. What goes into the mind has a great effect on what goes out from the mind. We know that having poor eating habits will be detrimental to our physical health, but do we consider ingesting poor thought causes poor attitudes, bad feelings, and darkened energy to be broadcast to the outer world? We must consider this if we wish to become whole.

“Do you want more love, happiness, peace, and joy in your life? Of course you do, for if you truly want these virtues in your life, you must remove the things that prevent you from having it. To have more love, you must be more loving – you cannot attract love until you give love. You cannot be happy until you make someone else happy through loving kindness, nurturing guidance, and friendship. You cannot have peace until you let go of thoughts of revenge, hatred, malice, un-forgiveness – all negative thoughts and emotions. You cannot feel joy until all division is purged from your mind and oneness settles in on your soul.

“Where do you start? Start by turning off the streams of negative information that continually bombard your mind. Turn off the TV and radio and remove the incessant chatter that clutters the mind and tells you how to think, to feel, and what opinions to have. Stop watching violence as a form of entertainment. How can you have peace when scenes of killing and revenge become the memories of your night out? How can you have a healthy opinion when you accept the polarized viewpoints of politicized media?

“There is a healthy balance, my friends, which can be had where you can still be informed, yet stay above the lies and fears that are continually brought before you in this ‘age of information.’ Make time for stillness and meditation – clear the mind of all the toxins of the world and have gratitude, be in your peace, and send thoughts of love out into the universe. Let the Indwelling God fill you with unconditional love and instruct you on how to grow a healthy soul.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.


Of Hierarchy, Friendship and Love

Illawarra District, Australia, September 10, 2012 (Date of transcription).
Midwayer Mathew (33:3:33).
Subject: “Of Hierarchy, Friendship and Love.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “Good evening. It is good to be back and be welcomed among friends. Various tasks and new personalities (Mentori) have taken up much of your time, not to overlook a sudden illness that needed to be recovered from. We are back, and when I say ‘among friends’, it was for me somewhat of a tense moment to first appear before you (in 2001) as an alien arrived on this world and be accepted, instantly and without question. Congratulations to Chief Bzutu and Dr. Mendoza for their assurances that this would be so.

“Custom and behavior varies greatly from one planet to another. The diverse codes and mores as they exist on your planet between populations fail to be comparable to any that I know of, or that many of my acquaintances know of. The way you spread out over the globe, then evolved outward from the Dalamatia Center, to once more isolate yourselves for millennia, makes you unique. There exist, still, those of higher and lower castes, unable to converse on the same level, intermarry, do business, perhaps even touch.

“And if this sounds particularly like I’m referring to the Hindu world, not so, for it is identically so in your western world. ‘Stand offish’ behavior changes radically beyond your planet and Mansonia One where many of your planet will be isolated for a time. From there, new rules apply as you will be gifted in more ways to perceive your environment and all of God’s creatures therein as to their personalities, status, intelligence and function, so much better than Urantia psychologists or profilers can.

“Then, by the time of your arrival on Mansonia Two, you will be living in a state of complete certainty, confidence, yes, utter conviction that all you meet are friends, but better than friends. Still being unknown to them, all the same, you will have their love. There will be none so far above you that will shun you as unworthy. There will be none so high in status that they will avoid you. There will be none so intelligent as to see you below their rank, and there will be none so busy as to lack the time to acknowledge you.

“Your world could be like this my human friend. Indeed, your world will be like this when you fully awaken to our prompts – our incessant wake-up calls – and you finally consider that even a superbly intelligent, all-knowing Fragment of the Creator Himself – and there is none higher – is the closest of all your Friends to put up with your imperfections and tiresome back-sliding, to pour out upon you God’s unconditional love.”

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You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


A Pearl of Great Value

Alabama, US of A, January 6, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Pearl of Great Value.”

Received by Oscar.

Receiver’s note: The following is the answer to a question about those mortals who are not destined for Paradise but remain in the local Universe. This happens to those who die very young, before their Thought Adjusters arrive. The question was, ‘Is this fair to those who die young either by accident or through the actions of others?’

Thought Adjuster: “A mortal experience is a prerequisite to reaching Paradise and the corps of the Finality. Those who have not gone through a mortal experience – regardless of the cause – must somehow compensate for their deficiency. Prolonged service in the universe of their birth is the solution to compensate for this lack of experience and many find that in the distant future the door to the Paradise journey will open for them, because they will have gained the necessary experience.

“As you can see, the Universe is really fair and provides each creature with everything she needs to grow. These children of the local universe become experts on their universe at a level which those destined for Paradise cannot match. The children of the universe play an important role in creation, and they are considered valuable and indispensable to universe administration. These children don’t feel that they have been deprived of anything and are as happy as their peers who reach Paradise.

“This should give you an idea of how important and intense the experience of a mortal life is, so much so, that even the Creator of this local universe was required to live as one of you before being able to claim sovereignty over His domain. If by chance one doesn’t get to live a mortal life one would need an eternity to obtain an equivalent experience. If you live a mortal life but you never develop your spiritual side, you will need a long time to make the necessary adjustments to place you on the path of progress.

“However, if you live an authentic, courageous and inspiring mortal life, growing spiritually and establishing a relationship with the Father, you will gain an experience without equal, a pearl of great value, that will be useful for all eternity and to all creation. This is the value of the great gift of life for human beings.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.


Of Spiritual Truth and Equilibrium

Illawarra District, Australia, August 4, 2012. (date of transcription).
Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “Of Spiritual Truth and Equilibrium.”

Received by George Barnard.

Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8): “I am a Midwayer Healer, and my daily task of care deals with curing my patients from their physical, emotional and psychological maladjustments. However, in doing so I am limited to attending to my kin, the midwayers, and humans, to be sure. Much of my ‘invisible medicine bag of cures’ deals with the methods and procedures that allow my patients to find their equilibrium through me as this permits them to better absorb the universal energy that is healing and rejuvenating in myriad ways.

“Today I wish to speak about one’s understanding of spiritual truth and how at certain times one’s ill-adjusted equilibrium can distort personal truth. Firstly, there is universal truth, the Creator’s truth, which is borne out of love, and subject to no one as yet imperfect in any way. Indeed, you cannot at your level, my level, or at the status of the Archangels or even Melchizedeks have ultimate truth in mind, except for fleeting moments until you rationalize such. Consider then your grasp of truth when your equilibrium is in a frail state.

“Aha! And now my human friend is catching on to the direction of this conversation, likely giving me the opportunity to ‘preach my sermon’ without him interrupting me. Secondly there is personal spiritual truth, different for everyone because of parental input, your degree of interest, teachings from significant others, and more. There are also the things you read, and importantly, the things you imagine, and consider to be the truth. And so tell me what were your feelings at any time. How was your equilibrium? Your status sound?

“In an irregular world, your world, our world, we are all handicapped to a degree. From person to person our understanding of information about the unseen, the spiritual I refer to, varies considerably, so much so that in celebrating your spirituality in groups, or churches, there is no agreement. And so, as I temporarily put spirituality aside and speak of religion, let us consider how many varieties there are of Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, the Muslims’ teachings. Individual beliefs and truths run into thousands upon thousands.

“You can only be a rookie student at best in contemplating spiritual truths. Tens of thousands of years your senior, I am convinced I do not have a total grasp of all spiritual truth, for the imbalances and irregularities of this rebellious world now in its correcting times, runs in our blood, one might suggest, providing most with the assurance that they, individually have the monopoly on truth, jay, even spiritual truth. Gather now how difficult it becomes to find a meeting place for those of opposing opinions, but it can be done.

“Nothing is more important than for you all to firstly find your equilibrium, decide that you cannot know it all, and follow the appeals of your teachers and prophets to have reverence for your Creator and minister to your neighbor as you yourself would like to be treated. Only by first finding your equilibrium will you find and understand the most important part of undeniable spiritual truth – that there is no division and you are all one. This is Dr. Mendoza, MNO-8 the Healer, as I am also known by this number. Adieu.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source—ABC-22, 1972.