Urantia, September 22, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson in Understanding.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Although we have earlier touched upon the subject of understanding, yet it is useful to take it a little further, as each day you glean more knowledge, especially on days which are more difficult than others. Sometimes understanding comes when an insight flashes across the screen of your mind. Most often you learn to understand by listening to people from different walks and backgrounds of life. To truly understand another person it is best to first listen to them and to then understand them so you cannot help but love them. In this manner greater harmony will be achieved, but it also gives you an enlarged view of humanity. This, as you find that despite all outward differences, you still share your humanness and usually the same concerns, cares and aspirations.

“When greater understanding dawns, you also become more tolerant of each other and this is the direction in which I desire for you to progress. All of you cannot possibly think alike, and this is not required. However, it is essential that with each new day you acquire a greater tolerance for each other, and this can only be had with open dialog. Dialog does not need to be quarrelsome, as long as you realize that others have just as much right to their opinions as do you to yours. You can always strive for the middle ground where each meets the other half way and by giving the other the benefit of doubt. Allow each to speak his or her mind, and whilst you don’t necessarily need to agree, agree with respect to disagree, and then look for ways to understand each other better.

“Especially is this true when conversing with someone from another country who uses expressions you are not familiar with and might have a difficult time expressing his or her inner-most feelings. In that area you can be of great assistance because in a conversation it should not only be the intellect that is involved in the conversation, but also the heart. Feelings can play a great roll in conversations and here it is where understanding can also get blurred. This then also brings patience into play. With patience and tolerance coupled with a loving attitude, one can come far in understanding another person. Needless to say, a mature outlook plays an important roll, but this is how you develop and learn to gain a greater understanding.

“It is of course understood in all this that you have reached a certain measure of understanding of the self. With a greater insight into your foibles and mistakes you learned from, you will be better able to understand and help others in their personal growth. No human is an island onto the self. One needs others to ‘shape and polish’ for each other’s highest good and progress. It is most difficult to do this as an isolated individual. Sooner or later, circumstances present themselves which bring you into a deeper contact with yourselves as you have another to mirror against. Partnerships provide the greatest opportunity for learning, understanding, tolerance, and ultimate true love and appreciation for the other, which can withstand the storms of life.”

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