Illawarra District, Australia, September 26, 2012.
Subject: “The Rewards of Being an Essential” (part transmit only).

Received by George Barnard.

George: “We greet you. Would that I become half as reliable as you are … And no, since they are my oldest Celestial Friends, the Midwayers always will come first.”

Onamonolonton: “Rightfully so, my dear friend. The strong bond we have with those of our earthly sojourn always remains strong, and it becomes stronger the further we proceed in our Paradise quest, the more we ‘dislodge’ our lower tendencies, and the deeper we feel and pass on to others the indescribable love of the Creator. This is Onamonolonton, a Celestial Advisor, let us say, well acquainted with the sea-faring Andite, Ionah, and the great work he and his crews wrought in the Americas together with your (1,111) friends.

“It is so very easy for me to look back upon my mortal life on our planet Urantia, much harder for you to look forward and perceive what is to come. Although I led a busy, almost intense and at times extreme life, I would later become aware of missed opportunities, when a few thoughtful words would have provided a ‘bonus addition’ to my ever greater circle of friends. Such is the art of being an essential in your family, in your work group, in your community and in your nation. Such short lives you lead. Do make the best of it.

“Consider now, are you a human essential? I was, almost exclusively focussed on reminding my people of the wisdom and generosity of the Great Spirit. I was His far-traveled emissary to the splintered nations and tribes, yes long ago, but even today it can be pointed out to me that good does still come, even now, from the efforts then extended by me. That is my reward; nothing else is required but this feeling of gratitude to have been allowed to serve the Creator of the tiny pebble in His mightiest river, the smallest flower in His endless forest.

“I lived for my people, it was my way, urged on by the Fragment of the Great Spirit that indwelt me, but never in my spirit visions did I perceive the wonderful rewards that awaited me on High. You too, all of you, can awaken yourselves to become ‘an essential’ in the lives of others, become the turning point for others, even one single individual to be the focus of your thoughtful words at some important, vital moment in his or her life for the positive repercussions to reverberate through all eternity. This will be your reward – the greatest prize.

“Difficult times are at the horizon once again on our blighted planet. Be an essential for those in need, and you shall look back with deserved pride.”

George: “Thanks to all involved in passing on this message.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

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