Alabama, US of A, January 13, 2011.
Christ Michael.
Subject: “My Time on this Earth.”

Received by Oscar.

Christ Michael: “Each moment you attempt to 'listen' you take one more step forward on your spiritual path. When you make the intellectual decision to find the Father, you exercise your faith muscle and tune in more sharply to the frequencies from on high.

“How I wish that my children of this world could feel the peace I offer. Life in this world can be truly hard, and although mortals need to go through many trials before reaching perfection, so many of your difficulties are created by yourselves!

“My time on this earth was not a life without concerns or troubles. Many can view my life and decide that it was a hard life, a life of constant struggle, great conflicts and deep disillusion. In truth, I remember my days on this world as a happy and joyful time, because very early I learned to trust in my Celestial Father for all things and after putting my life into His hands, I was not overly concerned about the future, and the uncertainties of the unknown.

“I learned ‘being’ before ‘doing’. Progressive revelations by my Thought Adjuster about the nature of God made me focus my decisions and thoughts towards Him, thus my decisions, my actions and my words were a reflection of His divinity, even while I was in mortal form.

“My life was an illustration of living the will of God, but most important is the fact that I showed my universe that a mortal being can live such a life. Indeed, any of my children in this universe can, not just me.

“Discover the treasures hidden within your selves. Those who decide to explore God living within them will discover that nothing will be denied, and they learn to receive and accept everything that by rights belongs to them. You are children of God, so start to enjoy your birthright and its privileges. Finding God in your heart is the supreme experience of mortal life, and it is the entrance to the wonders of creation.

“It is on the mansion worlds where most mortals will fully comprehend the opportunities they lost by living a life focused only on the material. Open the gates of your heart and your mind to the Father. Let Him work for you, and observe how the universe will then be presented to you.”

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