Urantia, October 15, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Learning.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Life is an ongoing lesson. At times the learning curves are steeper than usual, especially when you get jolted into a new reality due to the sudden death of a loved one, or due to some similar catastrophe. Life always goes on, but something has forever changed in you. Before long you will have adapted to the new 'something' inside of you. And so you go on albeit unawares, adjusting to whatever life dishes out to you. It is moment by moment that even your cellular level adjusts to the miniscule changes in your chemical system, for the spiritual and mental-emotional function in accord with the physical body. One influences the other. There is never any separation until a blockage happens in either one of the systems. The emotional body rests oh-so-gently on the chemical system, and anything happening in the great nervous system has an immediate effect on all the systems in the body.

“This is why any foreign chemicals such as harmful drugs are rendering such dangerous side-effects. As a rule people have been made to believe that chemicals are the only way to retain good health, but this is not necessarily true, especially when there are natural substances everywhere in creation given to you in the form of the herbs, seeds, fruits of the fields and the bark of trees. Even the planet's oceans, and the fresh inland waters offer healing. These have not been investigated to their fullest extend, but rather has mankind taken a turn in the opposite direction to produce more and more harmful and noxious substances, each with their own terrible side-effects on the human systems.

“When will mankind wake up and learn that the old healing ways, which have already been developed and honored by the oldest societies on the planet, like the native Indians, the Chinese and East Indians with their Ayurvedic way of healing, and build on those. Shamanism, too, has a lot of good things in it, and it warrants investigating those ancient methods of healing, and eradicating superstition. Later healing modalities include the discovery of Homeopathy, Bach flower essences, and more, and the very latest, Vibrational Medicine. As well, there are all the various 'hands on' Energy Medicine methods. Still, the list of healing modalities is less than complete as new discoveries will be made in times to come, but all these seem to be thwarted from the moment of discovery by some in the corridors of monetary power who desire the chemical monopoly, often to the detriment of the common folk.

“When will mankind wake up to the fact that you are all still in the sandbox of learning? The first order of business is to learn to cooperate and respect each other. You are all individuals but you are all on the same playground and the bullies are threatening to take control over the playground with their propensity for violence because somehow they feel themselves to be superior over the rest of the group. Realize that you all will be held accountable for your actions in the now and the now and the now. Think about what it is that you came here to do. The planet’s progress is here at stake. It is not the way of poisoning, raping and pillaging that will benefit her. Indeed, she will strike back with hurricanes, floods, strong winds and other calamities, just to hold herself in balance. The planet is also still young and goes through her own learning curve. Why don’t you all learn to cooperate with each other?”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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