Illawarra District, Australia, October 21, 2012.
Divine Self (Thought Adjuster).
Subject: “Offloading Guilt.”

Received by George Barnard.

Divine Self: “As you well know, the largest part of your inspiration comes from me, your Divine Self, your Thought Adjuster, the eternal Identity, which will inherit your perfected personality upon our fusion to become one. We are making a strong mindal connection this evening for you and your many friends to learn about the deleterious effect upon the human soul by the inability to offload, to free yourself of accumulated guilt, for guilt does not simply go away. Guilt does hamper you. Guilt climbs upon your back to dig in its sharp talons.

“So many in this world struggle on their path, making little headway whilst they carry the heavy burden of guilt, tenaciously clinging to them and affecting their success in life, their progress, spiritual progress included. Beware the man and woman who shake off guilt with ease, as a matter of cause, and clearly without further thought given to what was done wrong. For him and her there is little you or I can do but pray for their minds to mature. Only those who have empathy are capable of carrying guilt.

“It is for those who are so clearly aware of living their lives to serve two masters – their physical needs as well as their spiritual welfare – that we discuss and impress upon them the rather simple methods of divesting themselves of the ugly guilt creature that is retarding their growth and happiness. There is a hierarchy of things involved in ‘disolving’ guilt, and Clarification to the self of that which was done wrong, or omitted, indeed, of necessity must come first, and it needs to be considered, even pondered, in great detail.

“With time taken to fully gauge all aspects of wrongdoing, as guilt may well have accumulated over time, the first part of doing away with guilt has now been completed. After Clarification comes Admittance – admittance to the self for what was done wrong, or what was neglected to be done. Next, and where possible, Admittance of wrong-doing and a Request for Foregiveness must be directed at those who were injured, but if that is not possible, a Request for Foregiveness can be directed at one’s Thought Adjuster.

“Lastly it is necessary to Make Good the hurt that was done, and if the victim of one’s thoughtlessness cannot be discovered, another in need can always be found to receive a gift, encouragement, a smile or a compliment. Clarification, Admittance, a Request for Forgiveness and Penance is what it takes to significantly quicken one’s step on the path to perfection. Always share the lessons of even the lowest of our (celestial) workers.”

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