Illawarra District, Australia, November 3, 2012.
Mansion World Carer.
Subject: “Morontia World Acclimatization” (part transmit only).

Received by George Barnard.

Carer: “I greet you my friend. Despite my words, sounds and concepts coming to you via a number of intermediaries, you should find little difficulty in recognizing my voice and moreover in distinguishing my personality. Fine! I am a Mansion World Carer, or Morontia World Carer. We Carers first ‘realize our personal being’ on Salvington, whilst the majority of our workers are down-stepped to function on Mansonia One.

“It is fair to conclude that your Ministering Angels and Midwayers, the Morontia Companions and us Mansion World Carers have tasks in common, yet that is not so much the case on closer inspection. Long term involvement for us is with the psychologically troubled whose mindal aberrations have had their impact on the soul, or mid-mind as your Midwayers prefer to name the soul, and with which they communicate most effectively.

“In instances of mental disorders and outright psychoses it is our (Carers’) enduring task, together with the new healing environment, to counsel, and therewith acclimatize, our innately affected subjects towards normalcy and the motivation to progress forward with their socializing and spiritual advancement. Innate or acquired mental illness leaves a mark on the soul, and as well, it retard progress. A healing must take place, and it takes time.

“And yet, for ‘having come from a psychologically disadvantaged background’ there are great gains for those who persist in slowly adjusting to what is now a vastly altered way of perceiving reality, rather than the old unreality. Such is not the case with either of the two subjects you enquired about.

“Clearly, the unfortunate events of sudden, and even long-term physical illness create little impact on the healthy mindedness of the developing soul, and whatever soul retardation or confusion might ensue is seen by us as minor, soon caught up with or cleared in days, weeks or months. Those that are left behind would do well to save their prayers for those who need it, as the departed have better use for your love, frequently expressed.

“From their viewpoint the veil is quite transparent, whilst to your eyes it is relatively opaque. After all, they are on the lengthy road to perfection, whilst you remain behind as faith children of the universe. I am a Carer, a Behavioralist, Profiler and Counseller. Adieu.”

Note: Carer’s response was in answer to questions about departed family members suffering from debilitating illnesses – Alzheimers in one case, a brain tumor in the other.

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