Illawarra District, Australia, November 7, 2012.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “As Below, so Above” (part transmit only).

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “It should come as no surprise to either you, or many of those who receive our (Celestial Teachers’) notes, that what happens below may be a reflection of events above. Yes, this is Samuel, and Teacher Aaron is still nearby and he concurs with our previous responses. Let us now talk some more, and we will answer your questions, although… (No questions noted here, as the answers make obvious which questions were asked). We Proceed now…

“There are many who at the age of three or four hear their parents recite some of the curious, offbeat and humorous words that were uttered by the child in earlier years when he or she was still too young to enter the event into permanent recall. Whilst the early formative years need hardly be eventful or traumatic, the early ‘growth spurt’ is enough for new experiences to quickly slide over the horizon of a still developing memory not yet retaining day-to-day information.

“Think of this when you consider a former human’s initial re-awakening on Mansonia One. See it like being reborn. Both Aaron and I experienced this, and we are well learned to relate the events. Our human mindedness was gone, finished with the death of our mortal electro-chemical brains. It was the soul, or mid-mind, that we did, and now do, our thinking with, and this mind’s focus was of spirituality, foremost, and of earthly matters only in second place.

“Whilst it was disconcerting to realize that there had to be much that could not be remembered, it was more than acceptable that sad experiences were rather ‘unreachable’ to the soul. Here you can see the comparison between the young child and a newly awakened mortal. Others with clear recollection of events, both former humans and guardian angels, will fill you in. Just like human parents would relate matters about the infant to the toddler.

“Indeed, if much good was achieved in mortal life, much is also clearly remembered on Mansonia. If little good came from that wordly existence, it makes for a somewhat difficult start. Thus karma, at least in part, means little more than one being placed in ‘lower classes’ than are those who led more spiritual lives. Facing old worldly shortcomings is not something that will haunt the new arrival from day one, if ever.

“Much as we try to assure you that planetary life is meant to be seen as your early schooling for a new ‘heavenly life’ to naturally follow, you often turn it into a painful journey for self and others. Much as we speak of an all-loving Creator Father, you still think of punishment for transgressions. And much as you may shudder in fear of life’s ending, a great and pleasant journey awaits you in an undreamed of friendly universe. This is Samuel and Aaron saying Adieu.”

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