Urantia, November 8, 2012.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Values.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This peaceful moment in time gives me a precious opportunity to give you some advice on values. You will learn to be more aware of what these values are, and so you can move into the habit of practising them more often. They are values which enrich the soul. There is really no reason why a soul should be impoverished at the end of mortal existence, as it is in each human to gather and practice these values for their selves.

“The most important of these values is love, as love makes the world go round. Indeed all of creation has been, and is being formed on the loving thoughts of the universal Creator as evolution proceeds apace. There are never any hidden agendas involved in anything the Creator does, as all his thoughts to create, spring forth from pure love, unconditional love to be sure, for this is the true meaning of love.

“If unconditional love would be increasingly practiced world-wide by each individual, this whole orb would rightfully shine throughout the universe with a pure light, which is its ultimate destiny. And may I remind you all that if only you would wake up out of your narrow and earth-bound thinking, and elevate your thoughts towards the heavens, you would see all of creation surrounded by God’s light and love.

“The next value which is in equal need of being practiced in tandem with love is the quality of understanding. Understanding would go a long way towards mending relationships, as all relationships everywhere can stand improvement. Let each individual, who chances to read these words, think about which areas in life could stand more love and understanding. Try understanding and loving one more person each day. This alone would turn the world into a more joy-filled direction.

“All souls would grow and flourish because of the healing balm that living love and understanding can bring to each relationship. Perhaps these two values are already enough for one to start practicing without any hidden agendas, because agendas would undo everything you are endeavoring to do in growing your immortal souls. Strive for a sincere and pure soul. Therefore please give these two values some serious thought. Start using them on your selves first, so you may start to realize that even loving yourselves as worthy human beings has not been a priority in life on this planet. Consider that as long as you do not love and respect your own being, it will be difficult to accept and love another person.

“Please ponder these values and begin to love and understand your selves and all others.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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