Chicago US of A, November 15, 2012.
Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: “Human Associations.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Andréa: “Human associations come in two broad types: Those that are predetermined, and those that are chosen, meaning freely chosen by you during your lifetime. Some of the predetermined associations can be said to be of the primary type, like those originating from parentage or progeny; others may be seen as secondary, as they only relate to you because they are related to the primary ones. The purpose of this lesson is to reflect upon the ones called ‘chosen associations’, since they reflect an individual’s choices and preferences. Let us examine the nature, function and benefits of chosen associations in people’s lives.

“Notwithstanding the fact that culture, dress, status, religion and family, besides human mores and institutions, try to regulate voluntary human associations, they are in essence chosen – mostly the result of the exercise of free will. Although time and space conditions do play a role in human associations, as to offer the chance for them to happen, they are not the cause of these associations. Even if two people regularly share space and time, they might not become closely associated, despite being contemporaries. There must be ‘commonness’ between two people for them to become true associates.

“There are human associations over which individuals have little or no control, like the ones that originated from parentage, geographical nearness, profession, and other chance circumstances. However, personal beings are capable of nurturing associations that are totally independent of such logical factors. Humans should look for associations that will benefit both sides, because mutual benefit characterizes the ideal relationship. Faulty relations are the ones that are characterized by parasitic functions, where one depends exclusively on the other. Restrict relationships where one uses another as a constant means to the accomplishment of selfish objectives. It is not wrong to associate with others to fulfill your personal needs, but enduring, strong and satisfying relationships come forth from the selfless desire to help, instead of being helped.

“Evolution endowed humans for male-female associations, specifically to assure species preservation and continuity, but gender does not regulate other human associations, rather, they are the results of both common and individual needs among people. Chosen associations, despite attempts at social control, will unavoidably feature all sorts of relations between the two genders, since morality depends on personal ethics and the level of tolerance by different societies. Diverse gender associations, besides the heterosexual one, result from other than the reproductive requirements, among them the uniqueness of one’s personality, which may simply choose differently from the majority, or the socially acceptable.

“Humans are free to associate between themselves in any way they want, as long as genuine love, respect and responsibility are reciprocal among them. Progressive societies increasingly and consistently will embrace diversity of associations among their members, as individuals also become increasingly spiritually enlightened. There is a divine wisdom in universe diversity: It stimulates appreciation of beauty, genuine love, respect and tolerance among personal beings. I am glad to be able to associate with you to bring forth this lesson. I am Andrea, your primary midwayer friend. Love to you all.”

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