Illawarra District, Australia, November 6, 2009.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC22).
Subject: “A Little about the Borderland.” (Part One).

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “You, my dear friend earned a stripe to be sewn onto your tunic for your writing on ‘Approximate Truth.’ We have all read it, enjoyed it, and it is with special permission, well-earned by you, that we broach the subject most of us do not wish to converse about. We know its there, but we avoid it. It’s unbelievably complicated, so we generally prefer to not talk about it. It is in fact a can of worms we try to keep the lid on, another approximate, imperfect truth. However, we are prepared to give you a little about the Borderland, as a relatively little is all you will comprehend.

“The Borderland is something that can impact on your lives, if you let it. The Borderland is something that can impact on our lives, but we don’t let it, yet we can be instrumental in cleaning up some of it, when the time is right, and when we are instructed to do so. And here you need to accept that there is a form of physicality about everything in time-space – your body, my body, your thoughts, my thoughts, your emotions and mine – all these have physicality of a kind. And still, what would this universe be without an exception to this rule – the Spark of God that indwells you, which remains pure spirit, yet penetrates time-space? The wonder of it all!

“The Borderland is not a place directly between your (linear) dimensions and the Midway realm, where we Midwayers live. In a manner of speaking, it is off to one side of both of us – an oddity. As well, there are three distinct areas, which as a group are classed as the Borderland. And yes, they can impact on all of us in some way, even on the angels, if we let them. So, here let me give you some healthy advice: Do not jump from an airplane without a chute if you love your family; do not wander out on thin ice if your life insurance payment is overdue; do not cross the freeway blindfolded in peak-hour traffic, especially if you are proudly wearing your $500.00 suit. I jest, of course! However, more important than all this: Do not fool with Ouija boards if you value your sanity.

“That which occupies the Borderland realms is awaiting resolution in higher spheres. We do not have a word for you to describe them, other than to call them packets, bundles of information, which have no personality, no soul. Perhaps somewhat more important about their inability to help resolve their status quo is the fact that they have no realization of the passing of time. There are many kinds of these packets or bundles of three distinct kinds, and all are in some way too troubled to be allowed to be absorbed by the evolutionary Deities of time-space.

“You are here not brutally thrown into a killer whirlpool from a tall cliff, oh no, because you and I as a team with many onlookers were instrumental in helping resolve the Virginia Jamieson case. I suggest you prepare for making it available somehow.

“We’re done here for now, and all is well if you should be wondering when you transcribe. I say Adieu, and I’ll be here when you are ready for more.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
The documentation of the Virginia Jamieson release can be found here: