Alabama, US of A, January 24, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “True Scientists.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your concept of reality is very limited. In this world you depend almost exclusively upon your five senses to perceive your reality – those things you consider tangible and real, and with which you can interact. Even your science with its great advances continues to mostly be based on the same five senses, using only extensions to these senses to overcome limitations. You use telescopes to see things that are too far away, and microscopes to see what is too small for your eyes, but these instruments are just extensions of the sense of sight.

“On the mansion worlds you will be endowed with twelve senses. Imagine how your perception of reality will then be enhanced. As you keep ascending in spiritual progress, you will be provided with still more senses, and your comprehension of reality will be ever more complete.

“A true scientist can’t simply disregard what he or she doesn't know just because it can’t be perceived. One who can hear can try to describe the sound of a beautiful song to a deaf person, and this person will have to take on faith that what her friend is saying is true. The existence of a certain fact is independent of whether you believe it or not. In nature, there is lots of proof of such facts. Just a few centuries ago the belief that microscopic organisms were the cause of most diseases could have been seen as mere superstition. Today the majority of the population accepts this as fact, even when they have never seen a microbe.

“Those who reject believing in the possibility of a spiritual realm are not true scientists. Finding the Father is in the heart of every human being, and it is a real and authentic experience. Those who have experienced this know that His presence is there even though they have never seen it. This is all that is needed to open the doors to a world of wonders that help these fortunate ones to become more and more like their Creator, and ready to explore the great hidden potential within them. The shortsighted and lazy-of-mind man and woman avoid what they don’t know, but true scientists give themselves the opportunity to explore, discover, learn and grow.”

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