Urantia, December 5, 2012.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “With Wings of Faith and Trust.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “What wonderful subject this is as I share your mindal image of butterflies and your thoughts of how life itself is a practical dance on wings of faith and trust! I know how enamored you are when you see a young butterfly trying its wonderful new wings to take flight into the world. The same feelings abound when celestials notice when a human child is sincerely trying to lift his or her thoughts above every-day happenings, spontaneously breaking out into a song of gladness in feeling secure and well cared for.

“It is this thought which lately has kept you busy as to why there are humans who never in their earth lives learn to ’fly’, as their thoughts remain earth-bound, so the richest and greatest of blessing from on High escapes them. It is this lack of exercising their trust and faith muscles which prevents them from soaring, and it is the cause of all misery. The purpose and richness of life remain somehow out of reach, whilst the solution to all their unhappiness is simply to spend some thought in meditation as to why it is that they are alive, and to ask themselves the question if perhaps they are living on the fringe of life, like an animal.

“It is truly sad to see how little effort goes into flexing the wings of faith and trust, for it is these muscles that will grow stronger according to the work-out they get. It is truly of little use to go to sundry clubs to exercise the physical body, with nary a thought given to the spiritual part of the human whole. Sure, you have your mental and emotional part, too, but even these are oftentimes neglected, and only come to the fore when something goes awry in the human system, making the person stop and think.

“It is taking humankind quite a long time to finally realize that, even from an education viewpoint, equal time ought to be thoughtfully and purposefully spent on all areas – physical, mental-emotional and spiritual – in raising the human child, and therefore the totality of the maturing human being would be able to develop equally, so a balanced personality can develop. It is this lack in home and school education, but most of all the negligence on the part of the human self, which leaves behind the important aspect of self-discipline and self-correction in character training. It is the responsibility of each maturing person to become consciously aware of how they add to their personal development in all areas of life.

“The most frequently neglected part in life is the testing of one’s wings of faith and trust, which lift one’s thoughts heaven-ward and to the Creator of all, who gives life and a life-plan to each one. It is the responsibility of each maturing human to realize that life itself consists of learning curves to help one’s mortal advance to higher levels of thinking. It is this most precious and wonderful commodity of thought, which is so often squandered with mundane, low level thinking and which therefore suffers most from a lack of exercise and an ensuing failure to grow stronger. What calamity or illness must first befall you to bring you to your senses, so you will willingly learn to flex your faith and trust muscles and learn to fly?

“Life will become far more interesting when all accept their responsibilities in these ‘flying’ lessons during sincere prayer and meditation. There are many celestial onlookers, who will cheer you on in your attempts.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.