Human Value

Alabama, US of A, July 8, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Human Value.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “At some point during the spiritual progress of a mortal, the Thought Adjuster starts to become a controller of thoughts. You start a process of self-observation in which you seek to understand the origins of your thoughts and why you think the way you do. This goes beyond simply observing that you entertain thoughts that are not very positive. Now you start to search for the reason why those thoughts are there and why you waste your mental resources on them.

“You have grown into a ‘competitive mode’ and for this reason you still evaluate the self by comparing yourself to others. In your mind, to assign value to yourself and to show that you are important, you need to highlight the attributes of your being that are somehow superior to the attributes of others. This is a sign of low self-esteem, because you seek external validation for your own value. This is also a sign of not knowing your Father in heaven, because you ignore that His love is unconditional and just by existing you are important and valuable to the entire creation, because you have been created for a unique purpose and to become an original revelation of God to others.

“This discovery and your experience with the unconditional love of the Father has promoted enough spiritual growth in you to make you question the validity and the need of your baser thinking. You are starting to discover that the children of God don’t need these primitive mental strategies to achieve their potentials and establish their individuality. You are starting to discover that the highest expressions of your personality do not depend on the material appearances or what others may think of you. This is the great mystery of the value of a human being that remains ignored by many: the importance of a human being is not demonstrable and it doesn’t require evidence to be established. A human being is important by the mere fact of his or her existence, because within his or her being inhabits a Fragment of the Creator, guiding that mortal toward perfection and the Father’s likeness.

“Now you can start to accept yourself just like you are – like your Father does. Now you can also start to accept your peers just like they are, because everyone is an important piece of the mosaic and all have something positive to offer you, just like you have something beautiful and original to offer your peers. You were told once that in order to know God you had to find Him first in yourself and then in your neighbors, because all carry His presence and express it in a relative manner, where each individual expression is a unique piece of the main personality. God is in us and we are in Him. In order to understand the whole truth – all there is – we must study and learn about each one of the parts. Only love makes human beings overcome their prejudice and ignore the external appearances in order to connect at a deeper level with their peers – seeing others just like the Father sees them from on high.”

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