Blessed Are Those

Urantia, June 03, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Blessed Are Those.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Presently you see only with material eyes. As yet you can have no real concept of the grandeur of the invisible world. The celestial world which holds untold beauty in store for those who dare to believe, there to be more to life than in a short earthly existence.

“Dare to believe in an almighty loving Creator – a God, who equally and unconditionally loves each of His created and evolving children.

“The descending and ascending sons and daughters of God are all learning by experiencing each other on the myriad planets, which are evolving in their own appointed places in space. Held there in the gravity grasp of God’s energy and sustained by the almighty unconditional love of God.

“See your world as a tiny speck of dust, and you, little mortal ones, even tinier still.

“Do you really think that God keeps a ledger on all your good and bad deeds? It is a great travesty that puny little man even considers the idea of a majestic Creator stooping so low in judgment of His own Creation.

“No, these ideas of punishment were the puerile figments of imagination of a few men to keep the masses under their control.

“The early priesthood designed such nonsense in their quests to satisfy their egos and their never-ending thirst for temporary and fleeting wealth and power. These proud ones proclaimed freedom in the name of God by having their subjects pay homage and dues to this selfsame priesthood.

“This has evolved into churches with enormous wealth, while talking about hell and purgatory to the poor people, when they, themselves are the poorest of the poor and at times, spiritually bankrupt.

“Blessed are those who without seeing dare to believe in the almighty unconditional love of God.”

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