The Miracle of Pentecost

Oregon, US of A, May 31, 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Miracle of Pentecost.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “More focus should be given to the Miracle of Pentecost — even more so than to the natural birth of the infant Jesus on your world. Both these momentous occurrences were part of the weaving of the Divine Will into the fabric of human life.

“Outwardly, there was nothing remarkable in the delivery of the infant Jesus. However, His human incarnation’s underlying intention was for Him to qualify Himself to take the lead in the spiritual affairs of your world — working hard at dispelling the spiritual ignorance and superstitions that held many confused souls in a state of spiritual disempowerment. His spoken words dispensed the relief of clarity through their content in truth, beauty, and goodness. He became an expert in matters of human psychology and sociology, but He also singled-handily earned a Master's Degree in Humanity and Divinity. Its focus was on “How to combine Humanity and Divinity to bring forth the fruits of Spirit and unleash your co-creative powers.”

“For Him, it did not amount to a mere intellectual exercise. It was conducted through personal experimentation and validated by the unprecedented pace of His coming to spiritual maturity. He never failed to share the highlights of His discoveries, using a language that was understandable to laymen and women. What would be the purpose of research if its data was never published? How could it contribute to the progressive truth disclosure that is crucial to take your world out of the dark ages of ignorance?

“Easter was the day He rendered His last human breath — another natural process in any human life. What about the Day of Pentecost? By no means was it an ordinary day. Those who were at the receiving end of the simultaneous triple bestowals of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and a Father Fragment to indwell their mind registered it deeply within their being. They experienced an immediate spiritual quickening and energetic upliftment.

“Generations later, these personal blessings are no longer acknowledged as they should be. Most of the time, this inner Trinity is taken for granted. How would your life shape up if you were to wholeheartedly collaborate in the process of your ‘Spirit-ualization’? Isn’t it something that only Spirit can do to perfection?”

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