The Spice of Life

Alabama, US of A, July 9, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Spice of Life.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “One of the most exiting adventures in the life of a human being is getting to know your peers. Someday, the experience of all ascendant beings – all those who have been forged from the experiences of a material life – will be at your disposal. There is nothing more stimulating than the adventure of knowing the Father and discovering the secrets of creation. Each one of you is participating on this adventure and are currently achieving this understanding in a unique and original manner.

“Those who want to know God will have to study Him in all His aspects. Since the Father is eternal, the study of deity is equally an eternal endeavor, a never-ending journey of discovery. The Father has placed a fragment of His being – the Thought Adjuster – within each human being. Therefore, the study and the knowledge of human beings is another avenue to the understanding of God. A mortal can discover God inside her being and within her brothers and sisters.

“In more advanced worlds, a lot of time is dedicated to socialization and the exchange of experiences among ‘strangers.’ Those in this world that are awakening to the realities of spirit will always start showing more interest in their neighbors – their lives, their experiences, and their well-being. Later, during your ascendant career, you will enjoy free association with mortals from different worlds and the experiences you share will greatly enlighten your vision of reality and the entire creation.

“This planet still has a lot of ground to cover in this area. First, you will have to learn to accept the differences among groups and individuals, and to understand that, even when you are so different, all of you are part of the same unit, a class of beings that function with a common purpose. This world would be so different if instead of despising the differences of others, each one of you started to learn about the lives of those who have stories – culture, experiences, traditions – very different to yours! When the human beings of this world start to show sincere interest in their neighbors you will realize that the differences and variety are the spice that makes human life worth living.”

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