Promote a Culture of Peace

Oregon, US of A, June 12, 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Promote a Culture of Peace.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Warfare and riots are peace’s archenemies. Far from quenching the emotional fires, they fuel them. Violence is versatile in its venting. It may be expressed through biting spoken words that culminate in traumatic emotional or physical altercations.

“Yes, you should be disgruntled about any miscarriage of justice and become a peaceful activist for their remediation. Wisely invest the motivational force of your righteous indignation so that it brings about happier endings.

“No one can make well-informed decisions from a place of boiling anger, as the irrationality of this out-of-control emotion results in spur-of-the-moment devastative behaviors that the perpetrators come to regret later on, once they have regained a semblance of objectivity and composure.

“Why then not cool down first? It is how Jesus approached emotionally-loaded situations. He witnessed discriminations based on economic wealth, race, gender, religious beliefs, education, and more. In no way, was He indifferent, as He took to heart His calling to be a planetary healer.

“However, He had first to meet the prerequisite of self-mastery — of not letting capricious emotional trade winds toss Him around. He remained anchored in the substance of peace and was able to ‘reasonably’ and thought-provokingly become an effective problem-solver while making the point that no one can take the Kingdom of Heaven by force.

“Your world has been crying out for peace since millennia. It has been plagued by incessant warfare, the entertainment of historical and personal grudges, the inability to forgive the past and move on toward a culture of peace.

“Undoubtedly, 'out-rage' is a form of rage, as it is supercharged with destructive emotions. It is most advisable to take a time-out and cool your heels before addressing the situation at hand when you find yourself in such a violent emotional state.

“Always act in support of enduring moral values — the only ones that are self-justifying. By doing so, you are justified and become a catalyst for positive evolution.”

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