The Good News is not a Secret

Oregon, US of A, December 24, 2015.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Good News is not a Secret.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Dear one, the thought just came to your mind that life is a very serious platform. Life on this planet is not easy. Very few are exempt from challenges and tribulations –or so it may appear. In fact, no one is exempt as everyone is under the wise guidance of their Divine Fragment. Yet, the degree of divine influence varies greatly in each individual life. Blessed are those who are the most challenged as they will be the recipients of many positive character traits. A tested soul is a strengthened soul — able to withstand a lot of pressure.

“Sometimes, when you look at the lives of the Haves-too-much, you wish that you would be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being sustainable as poverty is a huge stress factor in the lives of many. Yet, when you live in a state of not-having-enough, your ability to be grateful seems to expand exponentially.

“If you do not even have a pillow to lay your head on, when such a pillow is gifted you, it becomes your most precious belonging and you are filled with appreciation as this pillow is also a testimony that the universe cares for you – that you are loved.

“Whenever you detect love in your life, you respond with gratitude. Love gifts you and gratitude is your way of sending your thank-you note. So much love fails to be acknowledged. However, it is important that more and more gratitude be expressed for all the good things in your life as it will be transmuted into inner joy, a lasting joy that is not at the whim of material possessions.

“The greatest gifts are the ones invisible to the bare eyes. They are the ones stored in the heart and soul. They are the positive divine traits that you learn to nurture within you and that will eventually bear the fruits of Spirit in your life. You will no longer be the barren branch of a dying tree. You will be grafted to the Tree of Life and you will thrive as a healthy life sap will flood your being.

“As you make the personal decision to cut off all your attachment to the faulty tree of the Lucifer rebellion, you will be welcome to attach yourself to the Tree of Life and your whole being will thrive at all its levels as each healthy level will activate healing in the next one and the next one. What a feeling of bliss it will be when you will be in complete harmony within you! Such a harmony will unfailingly draw others to turn to you in order to ask you: What is your secret? And you will happily respond that it is not a secret. It is the good news that Jesus intended to spread during His earthly sojourn.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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