Getting the Picture

Illawarra District, Australia, April 1, 2010.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Getting the Picture.”
                (Déjà vu with a difference).

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “The saying, ‘Seek and you shall find,’ has been resonating throughout more local universes than you, and millions of others, can possibly imagine, and perhaps it is as old as time itself, minus a few milliseconds. The universe, however, makes a few exceptions when dealing with those who are too preoccupied to seek, have convinced themselves the universe is one giant accident and a short terrestrial life is all there is, or eternal life is guaranteed no matter how much of a mess one makes on terra firma without seeking any spiritual answers.

“For those so shortsighted, unlikely to in time realize they are merely at the starting gate of spirituality in their evolutionary lives, the universe has invented an enigma. It’s a ‘come on now, there is more.’ It’s a ‘let me confuse you, so you might put your thinking cap on.’ It’s déjà vu. And yes, we Midwayers do get involved on rare occasions, but mostly it is up to the Thought Adjusters – those Sparks of the Creator of all, one of which indwells each of you.

“Your Thought Adjuster is present within you, yet as an eternity being, can perceive tomorrow as clearly as yesterday, as clearly as right now, and give you visions of things to come. It is then up to you to conclude that there are facts that belong to the future, facets of time that do not coincide with your ‘linear time,’ and hopefully . . . that there may be other life forms dwelling in those other facets of time that are worth making friends with.

“And as I said, we can be ordered to produce such déjà vu experiences, not as routinely as do the Thought Adjusters, but we do oblige when called upon, as we are here to oblige, now, so you will ‘get the complete picture.’ The event described by the student is a déjà vu with a difference. Not only did the substitute teacher need encouragement, but it was also important for the student to know she was ‘on track’ with strangers regularly turning up in her workshop. This is ABC-22. Later, my friend.”

An Akashic Construct student writes: Hello, thanks for replying! The Akashic Construct is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced! When I go there, people I have never seen before appear in front of me. I asked Michael to help me. I saw a man there whom I thought needed help, so I called on Michael, and we stood on the stage. I believe He was healing the man, and guiding him.

I went to school the next day. When I walked into the classroom that same man was sitting at my teacher’s desk. He and I ‘exchanged a look like we had seen each other in a dream.’ He explained that he was the substitute teacher just for the day. He was a graphics designer and was moving to Florida, because he couldn't find work in Las Vegas. I hope he will find a good job in Florida. We never talked with each other privately, but I believe there was a connection, and I will always hope the best for him.

I will always ask Michael for protection, and I have more stories to tell. Thank you for this meditation CD!
R. B.

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