The Good Fight of Faith

Alabama, US of A, July 24, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Good Fight of Faith.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The ‘good fight of faith’ is an effort that takes all your life. The human predilection for instant solutions and immediate satisfaction creates unreal expectations for spiritual progress. Your legends and religious traditions are filled with stories of great men and women who one day had a moment of ecstasy and enlightenment and from then on, their lives were perfect. However, this is not the case.

“A living example of a life consecrated to the Will of God to the point of being ready for fusion with the Thought Adjuster was provided by Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago. However, after reaching the goal of His mortal life, His life did not become a living paradise nor did he automatically get all the answers to continue His way.

“Many of you have experienced one or more awakenings, when your consciousness is opened to a more complete vision of reality. Some of these events have come with some euphoria of variable duration. This is equivalent to the joy a human being experiences when a task is accomplished or a new lesson is learned. It is a joy motivated by effort, when the fruits are reaped after a season working and tending to the fields. But these awakenings are steps in a ladder that brings you increasingly closer to your Father. When you climb a ladder, you will not remain half-way just because you reach a point where the view is better than the previous steps. The impulse will carry you forward, moving higher, where the view is more complete and higher goals are reached.

“Your life can be a series of jumps forward towards the goal of perfection, depending on your commitment to cultivate spirituality and to know the will of the Father. However, not all these jumps will cause the same emotion. Spiritual growth is not a matter of sentimental ecstasy and purposeless adventure. We grow in spirit to better understand the plan of our Father for creation and to be able to participate in a co-creative and original way in the establishment of this plan.

“The purpose of your existence is the same purpose that has been set for the entire creation – the establishment of light and life at the planetary, system, constellation, and universal levels, and even beyond. All beings of creation are involved in this magnificent task and the glorious achievements of the future ages will be a responsibility of all of us, and we will be filled with pride and gratitude for having the opportunity to participate in creation. And as we experience the sublime emotion of an achievement that would have taken eons, we will know that is only the prelude of bigger and more glorious achievements as we grow and experience more complete revelations of God.”

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