Play Fair!

Oregon, US of A, August 12, 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Play Fair!”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “As the planetary situation is severely impacted by the relentless tugs of war between Divine Right Order and unbridled anarchy, integrity and corruption, hope and despair, everyone is called to take a stand — the symbolic parting of the sea of consciousness.

“Do you rally to the Love in Action for which Jesus ‘was all in’ or stagger in your loyalties, caught in the predatory web of low-grade emotions that pour more bile into an already overly acidic predicament?

“The question to ask yourself is: “Am I a self-professed Christian by name or by deeds?

“Which positive initiative is mine to take to help restore a state of peace and goodwill among men?

“Many irrational elements are entangled in hateful behaviors in a doomed attempt to justify the unjustifiable — thus perpetrating injustice on a much larger scale due to hate’s destructive rampage.

“Don’t you feel the urgency to humbly go down to your knees, bowing your head in a receptive mode to take your spiritual marching orders? Spirit is putting together an infantry of Light Workers. They are benevolent volunteers — not ruthless mercenaries. They are God-loving individuals who are determined to make their Father proud by promoting the ideals of His inspiring vision — not by systematically refuting them.

“Are you troubled and confused by the current events? I beg you to turn within to bask in the soothing peace emanating from Spirit — thus clearing your head and heart to make the right decisions — uncoerced by guilt, shame, or fear — but prompted by your love for the Father and compassion toward your siblings.

“Beware of any unsettling negative emotions. Disarm them on the spot instead of becoming agents for a nasty proliferation that runs havoc in dysfunctional societies. Always stick to the fair play dictated by the Golden Rule — a sure referee, as it is the keeper of all moral values.

“No matter how the collective consciousness shapes out to be, you can act as a free-lancer by asserting your free will prerogative — thus making the personal decision to shift your life into Light and Life. Trust Me; the outside chaos will provide you with ample opportunities to shine your light and self-realize — following the cautious footsteps of Jesus.”

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