Oregon, USA, November 22, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Face the Music!”

Message received by Anyas

‘To face the music’ means ‘to face the situation’ or ‘to assume the consequences.’ It originated from the tradition of disgraced officers being ‘drummed out ' of their regiment.

Thought Adjuster: “When you chronically make lame excuses for faulty behaviors, you have not reached the turning point of having a radical conversion experience that will lift you out of the errors of your ways to propel you into pristine new territories of soul growth.

If you are reluctant to face the music, you turn a deaf ear to what rings true. You sense that you are not playing from the same sheet and, even though your inner dissonance bothers you, your untamed sense of pride prevents you from acknowledging the wrong notes that crept into your solo rendition.

To make excuses in place of amends keeps you spiritually complacent and morally deficient. Sadly, your society is very much under the spell of such adversarial lawyering. Assigning all the blame to others is a widespread delusional tactic to refute personal responsibility. It is counterproductive, as your unalienable free will prerogative makes you, de facto, responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

It is where the saving grace of sincere repentance comes in. Repentance is an ‘activity’ that puts an end to your moral stagnation or regression. You owe to your feeling of contrition and express regret for past wrongs, committing to make improvements. You take the admirable initiative to humbly suspend self-serving pursuits to turn to God and walk in his ways.

Your life will never be the same after turning this corner. Why would you wish to go back to your old destructive ways while the future holds so many blessings in store for you with their altruistic splatter effect?”

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