Asheville, NC, US of A, January 24, 2021
Editorial: From the Desk of Chris Maurus
Subject: “Two Important Papers”

Dear friends and light workers,

Chris Maurus: There are many changes taking place in our outer-world as well as in our inner-world. Personally, I have been going though my own struggle with these changes as I know you are, but I am more than hopeful about the future, and I continue to be inspired by divine guidance. In September of 2020, Trinity Teacher Uteah said farewell to me indicating that She and other celestials would be less than available during this time of “recess.” My understanding for this recess had to do with the “great changes” in the consciousness circuits that are now unfolding in our present reality.

During this time of uncertainty, I have been more aware of insights coming from my Thought Adjuster, and with that, the inspiration to gather my thoughts about two topics that may be important for you to consider? These two topics were first published to my website, “” because they exceeded the one-page requirement for publishing to the 1111 Progress Group mailing list. They are about five and six pages in length each, and go into detail about a vision and an understanding about how our world may be transformed from the confusion of today to the clarity of life entering an enlightened era. I hope that you will find it as inspiring to you as it was for me to pen these insights from my Thought Adjuster?

The first paper, “The Day of Equilibrium” is about a vision I have had for humanity for many years and I most recently felt compelled to expand and explain it after receiving the missing piece of revelation I needed to pull it together—the Enhanced Circuits.

The second paper, “Unity Consciousness – A Deeper Look” is a companion to the first paper and explains the condition and quality of consciousness that is needed to support the aftermath of Equilibrium to bring the reality of Light and Life to our world.

Going forward, I see the importance of having more than a virtual understanding of divine inheritance. When Trinity Teacher Uteah returns, She will be leading us to understand what I call, “Third Level Contact.” This is the bridge between virtual and actual contact with the Thought Adjuster—the beginning of an experiential relationship that many of you have contemplated and understood only through words. It shall become very visceral in your present reality first, then experiential as you take the next steps in faith to foster the idea that you are indeed having an experience of conscious contact with deity. This insight was given to me recently by the unified voice of Urantian Thought Adjusters in a message called: “The Beginning – 5:52” published through 1111 Progress Group.

I hope you enjoy these articles, what I call, “mind expanding virtual understandings” to prepare you for the exciting future that is before us all as we live in a more real world of Truth; a more inspiring world of Beauty, and a more civilized world of universal Goodness.

Peace to you,
Chris Maurus

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