Alabama, US of A, September 5, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Consciousness.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your consciousness is the aspect of yourself that uses your mind and the experiences received to build a conceptual framework about life. Through your life experiences and what you learn, you start creating a life philosophy that justifies your actions and directs your efforts toward progressively higher goals. This is the intent, at least, but there are so many who do not exercise the powers of their consciousness and remain asleep during their life journeys.

“Mind is freely bestowed upon all. Life experiences are guaranteed for those who transit this world. The potential for consciousness is equally present for all human beings, but the exercise of consciousness depends on the will of each person. In general, most people in these times live distracted and busy with 1001 tasks, with occasional glimpses where they wonder why they are here and what is the purpose of all this.

“The exercise of consciousness requires frequent periods of introspection, reflection, and self-evaluation. The only way the sailors of antiquity crossed the seas and reached their destination was through constant examination during the course of their voyages, with the help of the stars and other natural signs. Similarly, the only way in which a human being can reach her eternal destiny is through constant self-examination and reaffirmation of her purpose.

“And just as the stars showed the course to the sailors of antiquity, inside each human being there is a Divine Indicator that is constantly showing the path toward a perfect destiny of perfection and glory. This is the presence of God in each creature, that offers companionship, support, guidance, and it is effectively a direct communication channel to the Father. Only by accepting the guidance of this Divine Presence does a human being learn to direct her efforts toward the goals of eternity and eventually starts to overcome the limitations of her short-range material vision.

“The exercise of consciousness, with the directing guidance of the Thought Adjuster, represents the supreme creative effort of a human being, and results in the creation of a new being for the universes – a combination of a human being with God – that will become an active participant in reality and in the establishment of the original plan of the Father.”

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