Oregon, September 1, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Raise His Voice!”

Message received by Anyas

“A group of men preparing to stone an adulterous woman to death were addressed by Jesus with the words: 'He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” [John 8:7]

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus had a keen ability to defuse volatile situations, which earned him the honorary title of Prince of Peace. Those of you who wish to follow in his remarkable footsteps have to do it from a place of peace—not one of emotional turmoil.

Only the unruffled surface of a clear body of water can accurately reflect its surroundings. If your emotional state is tempestuous, blemished by the entertainment of personal vendetta, its blurriness will reflect a distorted image unfit to restore inner or outer peace.

Jesus’ message of compassion went even further. As the only sinless individual among an agitated mob, he bravely stood up on behalf of the accused, shielding her from the collective outrage. His few pointed words made it crystal clear that sinners are not qualified to sit in fair judgment of others’ moral transgressions. He also comforted the frightened woman by relaying to her the saving grace that the all-compassionate Father extends to all. Not only did he save her life, but he also imparted a practical lesson in character nobility. He made all his decisions from that high spiritual platform, becoming a shining example for love in action—in stark contrast with reactional hate.

On another occasion, in a rare exhibition of righteous indignation, he expelled the merchants and money changers from the Temple, accusing them of turning it into a den of thieves. Many of you mention this episode as a justification for violent behaviors when dealing with upsetting predicaments.

Yet they overlook a significant difference: The Temple's legitimate use was to serve as a place of worship, prayers, and spiritual enlightenment, solely devoted to conducting the Father's business. Merchants and money lenders were shameless trespassers who desecrated this holy place. As his earthly representative, Jesus defended the Father’s property.

Take time to ponder how you can alter unbecoming behaviors—always putting the Father first, raising your voice amid the public mayhem to make his still small voice heard loud and clear for all to take under humble consideration.”

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