Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia, June 3, 2006.
Primary Midwayer, Andréa.
Subject: “Treating Your Siblings as Equals.”

Received by George Barnard.

Andréa: “When you were a child you thought like a child. When you were a teenager you thought like a teenager. As an adult you tend to look back and assess your now (full) maturity, and yet at any time during your grown-up years, you’ll see the past as the time in which you learned much. You will hardly ever look at your eternal future as periods in which you will acquire so much more knowledge.

“As an adult human you cannot consider your Secondary Midwayer Cousins and evaluate with any degree of accuracy just how far above you in intelligence, in mature emotions, and in spiritual progress they might possibly be, even less will you do so when as a human mature adult you try to assess the degree of advancement of your Primary Midwayers.

“Not within a stone’s throw, will you be able to gauge just where they are in intellectual expertise, in their problem-solving capacity, in their ability to love you with an intensity that is completely foreign to you, as it is with their spiritual advancement. For us, Primary Midwayers, it is easy to look at you, to look at your children, your teenagers and your adults, and whilst you see a great variation, we see that you are still so very close together in advancement.

“All of you are only beginners, and you need to be nurtured in your age-long lives. Much less would you be able to in any way understand the incredible knowledge, the incredible advancement of the Melchizedeks. And not until such time, as you become Paradise Citizens will you be able to understand, comprehend, or even come close to assessing the magnificence of the Michael Sons, of the Mother Spirits, even of the developing time-space Deities, which you are now able to vaguely comprehend.

“The progress you will make in your age-long lives must be seen as awesome, awesome indeed. And so, it is that I advise you to look upon all your brothers and sisters as equals, equals in the sense that those above you, are not all that far above you, those that seem to be below you, are almost on a par with you.

“In all your dealings with your fellow men and women, try ever so hard to not judge them, to not berate them, to not think any less of them, if seemingly they are not at your level. It is in your treating your siblings as equals that you, as an individual, and as the planetary population, will find your peace, will find the love that you need to be prepared to extend to all others, in order for you to attract the Love from the Father that you can thusly share.

“This is Primary Midwayer, Andréa, with just a short message and with the hope that our planetary home will see human wars no more. I thank you for your attention. I leave you with these thoughts, as my love goes out to all.”

George: “We greet you, dear Andréa.”

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