Oregon, USA, September 3, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “About Emotional Intelligence”

Message received by Anyas

“The wise man is a noble soul who is friendly in the midst of his enemies, tranquil among the turbulent, and generous among the grasping. [...] The tamed mind yields happiness. [...] Let not anger and hate master you. Speak harshly of no one. [...] Pay good for evil; overcome evil with the good.” [UB 131:3.6]

Thought Adjuster: “Emotional chaos invites more chaos. Molecules of hate combined with molecules of self-righteousness set afire the explosive powder keg of anger, making it blow up in everyone’s face. Those are the very emotions—often manipulated from a distance by the forces of iniquity—that prompt terrorists to gird themselves with explosives, turning themselves into human bombs while claiming delusional martyrdom.

Their devastating behavior is a far cry from the emotional stance taken by wise, noble, friendly, soft-spoken, and forgiving souls—as role-modeled by Jesus’ unruffled demeanor amid emotional duress. What about you? On which side of the demarcation line between hate and love do you stand? Are you fostering positive emotions or falling prey to festering ones? How does that make you feel?

Jesus' close associates considered him as the best friend they ever had. He was a big brother to his physical and spiritual family members, always doing his best to lift the veil of misleading ignorance.

By its obsessive-compulsive nature, hate attaches itself to its source of discontent, using it as a renewable fuel. Not only is it blinding, but its angry clamors are also deafening. How can you talk any sense into those who suffer from this severe double handicap? Can the voice of reason get through their inflamed brain?

No matter how others behave or misbehave, you are in charge of your emotional health. Blaming them for your emotional discomfort while claiming the fifth amendment for yourself is an over-used and unproductive cope-out—an accomplice to spiritual stagnation or regression.

By steadily emulating Jesus’ stellar behavior amid turmoil, you too will get to be fondly remembered as a peacekeeper—the symbolic dove extending the olive branch to the trouble makers.”

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